August 29, 2022 to September 7, 2022
Joint Laboratory of Optics
Europe/Prague timezone

Scientific Programme

The first day of the school, the students will be asked to briefly present the aim of their research.

The students will receive a certificate of attendance. The school will be completed by an overview exam. Successfully passing students will receive an additional certificate.

The lectures and exercises complementing some of these lectures will cover the following topics.

Welcome talk: Observing and modelling the Universe: from the  XIXth to the XXIst century

Speaker: Mario Pimenta

Standard Model and Open Problems in Particle Physics

Speaker: Mikael Chala



Speaker: Constantinos Skordis



Speaker: Francis Halzen & Michal Malinsky


Air Shower Phenomenology

Speaker: Ralph Engel


Machine Learning

Speaker: Jonas Glombitza


Propagation of Particles in Universe

Speaker: Andrew Taylor


Nuclear Astrophysics

Speaker: Jan Ebr


Dark Matter Detection

Speaker: Suchita Kulkarni


Measurements of Cosmic Rays

Speaker: Alexey Yushkov


Acceleration of Cosmic Rays

Speaker: Anabella Araudo


High-energy Gamma Rays


Speaker: Jim Hinton


Gravitational Waves

Speaker: Tomasz Bulik


Optics for Astroparticle Physics

Speaker: Dušan Mandát


Proposals Writing

Speaker: Ilona Skordis Gottwaldová