Indico has been updated to v3.3. See our blog post for details on this release. (OTG0146394)

Oct 23 – 28, 2022
Asia/Tokyo timezone


You modify your indico registration information to update your request for transportation. Pick-up request at Narita on Sunday evening is closed. 

0. TATEYAMA Station to Hotel: Hotel microbus/wagon is available as in the following timetable (red: is scheduled, blue: need reservation). Fill in the following google doc for reservation.

Bus reservation Sheet for Vertex2022 conference @ Tateyama Japan - Google Sheets

 23 (Sun)24 (Mon)25 (Tue)26 (Wed)27 (Tur)28 (Fri)
Hotelー>Tateyama Sta. 9:00(9:20)9:00(9:20)9:00(9:20)9:00(9:20) 
departure (arrival) 10:05(10:25)10:05(10:25)10:05(10:25)10:05(10:25)10:05(10:25)
Tateyama Sta->Hotel 9:30(9:50)9:30(9:50)9:30(9:50)9:30(9:50) 
departure (arrival) 10:30(10:50)10:30(10:50)10:30(10:50)10:30(10:50)10:30(10:50)

pick-up location at Tateyama Station West-exit is shown in (marked in red):

You can find taxi (ca. 5k Yen) near to the hotel pickup point, but it becomes difficult to find after 21:00. 

1.1 WORKSHOP PICK-UP BUS at Narita on Sunday Evening (23rd)

names of occupants are collected in the indico registration form - please modify your registration information - 


  Meeting Place: Terminal -1 Arrival Meeting Area

  Meeting Time : 19:30-20:00 (Vertex2022 sign board is shown)

call KNT personnel (number is informed by e-mail) if you are to be late. Departure time will be adjusted if the delay is affordable (<20:30). Otherwise, contact LOC members (mobile numbers will be informed by e-mail) for further instruction.

Detailed procedure has been e-mailed to the person concerned at 23:00 JST October 14.

1.2 Haneda to TATEYAMA Station

Haneda Airport - Kimitsu | Haneda Airport Limousine | Keihin Kyuko Bus (

1.3 Tokyo Station to TATEYAMA Station

Digital Timetable | JR Bus Kanto (

timetable (sorry in japanese): Tokyo station->Tateyama (6:20->8:10) and then every h:20:

1.4.1 Narita->Tokyo Station (->Tateyama Station)

1.4.2 Narita->Chiba Station ->Tateyama Station

o train from Narita to Chiba station:

N'EX (Narita Express) | Train Information | JR-EAST (

o bus from Chiba station to Tasteyama Station

2. Hotel to Tokyo Station on Friday (28th) morning

Transportation by bus is planned: details will be shown here

names of occupants are collected in the indico registration form - please modify your registration information.