Recent results from near-threshold $J/\Psi$ photoproduction measurement from Hall-C $J/\Psi$-007 experiment

Mar 30, 2023, 10:50 AM
Centennial Room ABC (MSU Kellogg Center)

Centennial Room ABC

MSU Kellogg Center

Parallel talk WG2: Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons WG2


Shivangi Prasad (Argonne National Laboratory)


Measurement of near threshold quarkonia photoproduction cross section provides a unique tool to probe gluonic structure inside the nucleon, hence allowing extraction of gluonic form factors and mass radii. $J/\Psi$-007 experiment (E12-16-007) was conducted at Hall-C of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility to measure near threshold 2-D differential $J/\Psi$ photoproduction cross section as a function of photon energy $E_{\gamma}$ and Mandelstam variable $t$ (momentum transfer from initial photon to the produced $J/\Psi$). The experiment utilized a high intensity real photon beam produced by incidence of a 10.6 GeV incident electron beam on a copper radiator situated upstream of a hydrogen target. The produced e$^-$e$^+$ ($\mu^-\mu^+$) pair from decay of $J/\Psi$ was detected using two arm spectrometers in Hall C: the HMS and the SHMS. The scanned photon energy range $E_{\gamma}$ and momentum transfer $|t|$, are between 9.1 GeV and 10.6 GeV and up to 4.5 GeV$^2$, respectively. Recent results from analysis of the measured 2-D $J/\Psi$ photoproduction cross section (e$^-$e$^+$ channel) will be presented. In addition,
preliminary results from analysis of muon channel will be also be shown.

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Shivangi Prasad (Argonne National Laboratory)

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