Information for Session Chairs

Please arrive at the session 15 mins early to make sure that all speakers have their talks uploaded to Indico and to coordinate with local helpers to handle any issues. 

Display the code of conduct on the screen while waiting for the session to start. Leave the code of conduct on during coffee break. 

Please briefly (30 seconds) introduce yourself at the beginning of the session.

Make sure that each parallel talk is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of questions. Give the presenter time warnings at 5, 2, 1 and 0 minutes. Keep each presentation on time, since some participants may attend talks in different parallel sessions.

During Q&A time, please give the first question to a young researcher (student and postdocs) if they raise their hands. If there are multiple hands raised, please keep it to one question per participant; if time allows, go back to those who have second or follow-up questions.