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Frontier technologies for particle measurements in space

ASAPP 2023


The 2025 edition of ASAPP will be hosted from May 12, 2025 to May 16, 2025 by the Institute for High Energy Physics of Barcelona (IFAE) in Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, Spain.



The ASAPP 2023 International Conference aims in reviewing the progresses in design, development, integration and test of instrumentation for measurement of particles and high-energy radiation in Space. The deployment and operation of novel instrumentation for particle and high-energy radiation measurement in space will pave the road to future astroparticle missions for investigations of fundamental physics and the Cosmos (e.g., cosmic ray physics, search for Dark Matter, matter-antimatter asymmetry, multimessenger astronomy, ...); applications for monitoring of the space radiation environment; investigations of the impact of low energy ionizing particles on instrumentation, Space Weather, and Earth sciences.


This conference will be a unique opportunity in the international scenario to host a direct discussion between different experimental communities towards achieving common targets and foster synergies. The conference program will be consequently planned with plenary talks only with large slots dedicated to questions and discussions, taking advantage of the conference venue and social events to foster constructive discussions between participants in view of establishing nets of expertise.

The event is planned to be held with in-person participation. No remote connection will be provided unless specific exceptional events will require it.


The conference organizers invite the community to submit abstract proposals on the topics listed below (see the Scientific Program page for details)

  • Instrumentation and missions for direct high-energy cosmic ray measurements in space
  • Instrumentation and missions for indirect high-energy cosmic ray measurements in space 
  • Instrumentation and missions for direct low-energy cosmic ray measurements in space
  • Instrumentation and missions for hard X-ray and γ-ray direct measurements in space
  • R&D of novel approaches and instruments for particle and high-energy radiation measurements in space, including (and not limited to):
    • Tracking detectors
    • Calorimetry detectors
    • Fast Time-of-Flight systems
    • Detectors for particle ID
    • High Temperature Superconducting magnets
    • FE and DAQ systems

In consideration of the variegate approaches that have been consolidating in the current era of space observations, contributions that target all opportunities of space platforms will be addressed, from cubesats and nanosatellite constellations up to large-size space missions, including stratospheric balloon flight missions. 

Scientific Chairpersons:

Matteo Duranti (INFN - Perugia)

Valerio Vagelli (ASI)


Scientific Advisory Board

Local Organizing Committee

Oscar Adriani (University of Florence) Mattia Barbanera (INFN - Perugia)
Giovanni Ambrosi (INFN - Perugia) Claudio Brugnoni (University of Perugia)
Roberto Battiston (University of Trento) Paolo Cristarella Orestano (University of Perugia)
Bruna Bertucci (University of Perugia) Sara Cutini (INFN - Perugia)
Terri Brandt (SRON) Federico Donnini (INFN - Perugia)
Elisabetta Cavazzuti (ASI) Francesco Faldi (University of Perugia)
Enrico Costa (INAF) Yazou Jiang (University of Perugia)
Immacolata Donnarumma (ASI) Stefano Germani (University of Perugia)
Corrado Gargiulo (CERN) Maura Graziani (University of Perugia)
Elizabeth A. Hayes (NASA - GSFC) Gianluigi Silvestre (INFN - Perugia)
Pasquale Lubrano (INFN - Perugia) Nicola Tomassetti (University of Perugia)
Barbara Negri (ASI) Luca Tosti (INFN - Perugia)
Angela Olinto (University of Chicago)  
Nahee Park (Queen's University)  
Stefan Schael (RWTH Aachen)  
Eun Suk Seo (University of Maryland)  
Roberta Sparvoli (University of Rome Tor Vergata)  
Shoji Torii (University of Waseda)  
Philipp Von Doetinchem (University of Hawaii Manoa)  
Xin Wu (University of Geneva)  
Shuang-Nan Zhang (IHEP)  

Conference organized and with the patronage by:

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