Jul 3 – 7, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Objectives and Scientific Programme

The HITRIplus specialized course on clinical aspects of heavy ion therapy research is aimed at students who are specializing or who are considering specializing in oncology as well as established specialists and practitioners in oncology of all levels who wish to learn more about hadron cancer therapy using heavy ions. Course participants will obtain the required skills and tools to engage with and access heavy ion therapy research infrastructures and will be able to network with world-renowned specialists in the field. 

Main Topics:

- Radiobiology

                  - RBE Models

                  - Immunological Effects 

                  - Hypoxia 

- Head-and-Neck

      - Skull Base, 

                  - Central Nervous System

                  - Salivary Gland & Paranasal Sinuses

                                    - Melanoma    

 - Sarcoma

                  - Osteo Sarcoma 

                  - Chordoma and Chondrosarcoma 

                  - Soft Tissue 

                  - Ewing and Rhabdomyosarcoma

- Prostate

- Liver 

- Pancreas 

- Organ Motion 

                                    - Lung

                                    - Abdomen

- Treatment Planning

- Re-irradiation 

                  - Head and Neck 

                  - Central Nervous System 

                  - Pelvis 

- Gynae and Rare Indications

                  - Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma 

                  - Kidney 

                  - Breast 

                  - Paediatric 

- Innovative Methods

                  - Linear Transfer Painting 

                  - Spatial Fractionation 

                  - Integration with Immune and target Drugs 

- Present and Future Clinical Trials


The session on Treatment Planning will include a hands-on ‘train the trainer’ part to give participants the ability to contribute as tutors to the particle therapy masterclasses that are periodically organized worldwide.  

Speakers and Lecturers:            Institutes:

1. Jacques Balosso ARCHADE
2. Amelia Barcellini CNAO
3. Maria Bonora  CNAO 
4. Manuela Cirilli CERN
5. Maria Rosaria Fiore CNAO
6. Yiota Foka GSI/SEEIIST
7. Piero Fossati MedAustron
8. Razvan Galalae  MedAustron
9. Tiziana Golme CNAO
10. Semi Harrabi HIT
11. Alexander Helm GSI
12. Thomas Held HIT
13. Bradford Hoppe Mayo
14. Rossana Ingargiola CNAO
15. Hitoshi Ishikawa   QST
16. Reiko Imai QST
17. Carola Lütgendorf-Caucig MedAustron
18. Shinichiro Mori QST
19. Silvia Molinelli CNAO
20. Kazutoshi Murata QST
21. Tatsuya Ohno GHMC
22. Roberto Orecchia  IEO
23. Ester Orlandi CNAO
24. Maciej Pelak  MedAustron
25. Arnold Pompos UTSW
26. Giulia Riva CNAO
27. Mack Roach UCSF
28. Nicholas Sammut UniMalta
29. Joao Seco DKFZ
30. Makoto Shinoto QST
31. Walter Tinganelli GSI
32. Slavisa Tubin  MedAustron 
33. Barbara Vischioni CNAO
34. Niklas Wahl DKFZ
35. Masaru Wakatsuki QST
36. Shigeru Yamada QST
37. Katharina Seidensaal HIT