Jul 3 – 7, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Lecture Recording on Youtube

The lecture recordings will be uploaded to the HITRIplus YouTube Channel after each Session Day. You can also find the links to each individual lecture below (the list will be update):

Monday 3rd July 

Session 1 - Radiobiology

Introductory remarks (1)

Introductory remarks (2)

Radiobiology and General Introduction – Walter Tinganelli (GSI)

RBE Models – Piero Fossati (MedAustron)

Immunological Effects – Alexander Helm (GSI)

Hypoxia – Piero Fossati (MedAustron)

Session 2 – Head and Neck 

Skull Base – Semi Harrabi (HIT) 

Central Nervous System –  Semi Harrabi (HIT) 

Salivary Gland & Paranasal Sinuses – Ester Orlandi (CNAO)

Melanoma – Maciej Pelak (MedAustron)



Tuesday 4th July 

Session 3 - Sarcoma

Osteosarcoma - Katharina Seidensaal (HIT) 

Chordoma and Chondrosarcoma – Sacrum and Spine - Maria Rosaria Fiore (CNAO)

Ewing and Rhabdomyosarcoma - Carola Lütgendorf-Caucig (MedAustron)

Case Study Sacral Chordoma – Piero Fossati (MedAustron)


Session 4 – Prostate (Part 2)

State of the Art – Razvan Galalae (Klinikum Bremerhaven)

Trial Design - Roberto Orecchia (IEO) 

Case Study Prostate – Razvan Galalae (Klinikum Bremerhaven)

Demonstration of the installation of MatRad – Yiota Foka (GSI, SEEIIST), Niklas Wahl (DKFZ)


Wednesday 5th July 

Session 6 – Organ Motion

Abdomen – Silvia Molinelli (CNAO) (1)

Abdomen – Silvia Molinelli (CNAO) (2)

Examples of Practical Solutions - Piero Fossati – (MedAustron)

Session 7 – Treatment Planning

Introduction to Treatment Planning – Joao Seco (DKFZ)

Treatment Planning with MatRad I – Joao Seco, Niklas Wahl (DKFZ)

Treatment Planning with MatRad II – Yiota Foka (GSI, SEEIIST)

Treatment Planning with MatRad II – Joao Seco, Niklas Wahl (DKFZ)

Thursday 6th July 

Session 8 – Re-Irradiation 

Central Nervous System - Semi Harrabi (HIT) 

Case Study – Salivary Gland and Paranasal Sinus – Rossana Ingargiola (CNAO) 

Session 9 – Innovative Methods

Linear Energy Transfer Painting – Piero Fossati (MedAustron)

Spatial Fractionation – Slavisa Tubin (MedAustron)

Heavy Ion Therapy Integration with Immune and Target Drugs - Slavisa Tubin (MedAustron)

Session 10 – Gynae and Rare Indications (Part 1)

Gynaecological Melanoma and Oligomet Ovarian Cancer – Amelia Barcellini (CNAO)

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma – Thomas Held (HIT)

Paediatric - Semi Harrabi (HIT) 


Friday 7th July 

Session 11 – Methodologies – Present and Future Clinical Trials

The Heidelberg Approach - Semi Harrabi (HIT)

The French Trial – Jacques Balosso (ARCHADE)

CNAO Trials – Ester Orlandi (CNAO)

Sacro Trial - Piero Fossati (MedAustron)

Mayo Trial – Bradford Hoppe (Mayo)

CIPHER Trial – Arnold Pompos (UTSW)

SHIPP Trial – Mack Roach (UCSF)

Round Table Clinical Trials – Semi Harrabi (HIT), Mack Roach (UCSF), Jacques Balosso (ARCHADE), Bradford Hoppe (Mayo), Piero Fossati (Med Austron), Arnold Pompos (UTSW), Tatsuya Ohno (GHMC), Ester Orlandi (CNAO)

Knowledge Transfer in Heavy Ion Therapy Research - Manuela Cirilli (CERN) 

Closing Remarks