Jun 25 – 28, 2023
Prague, Czechia
Europe/Prague timezone


There are numerous options for lunch around the IWHSS23 location. These restaurants typically provide lunch menu options at affordable fixed-prices (under 10 EUR). However, in many cases these menus (called 'Poledni menu') are not translated into English, unlike regular menu with higher prices. The lunch menu is typically listed daily or weekly on their web pages, so you can use google translate or ask the server for help. No reservation is needed.

Here are our recommendations:

Link to Google MAP

1 - IWHSS 2023 location (CTU in Prague, FNSPE)

2 - Restaurace Mincovna - nice large restaurant directly on the Old Town Square, traditional Czech cuisine with modern fusion.

3 - The PUB U Tarabíka - mostly a beer pub, where you can tap the beer directly on your table, but also offers affordable tasty food options. 

4 - Katr rastaurant - mostly modern Czech cuisine. 

5 - Pizzeria Castello - Italian cuisine. 

6 - La Casa Blů - inspired by Latin America.

7 - Kozlovna Apropos - typical Czech restaurant.

8 - Maitrea restaurace - Vegeterian and Vegan restaurant.

9 - Sushi Viet - Japan and Vietnamese fusion.

10 - Forky's Old Town - modern bistro with purely plant-based food.

11 - Pizzeria Donna - Pizzeria, but little bit of Czech style.

12 - TURQUOISE - Mediterranean kitchen and Hummus bar.  

13 - Five Rivers Indian Kitchen and Bar - Indian cuisine, lunch buffet.

14 - Bageterie Boulevard - decent Czech sandwich bistro for fast lunch. 

Giving tips

The tips are not included in the bill and tipping in Czech restaurants, cafés, and bars is common practice. The staff is pretty much dependent on tipping as their salaries are usually quite low. If you are satisfied, it’s polite to leave about 10 %. Usually, one rounds up the bill, for example when the price of your meal is 363 CZK and you have 500 CZK notes, just say you want to pay 400 CZK. If you pay by card you can leave your cash tip in the bill holder or say you would like to pay more and the waiter will increase the price in the card terminal. We never leave tips right on a table.