May 30, 2023 to June 2, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is incomplete because it cannot account e.g. for the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe, it does not provide a Dark Matter candidate and does not explain the hierarchy of scales between the Higgs mass and the Planck scale of gravity. Therefore we will study extensions of the SM that address these shortcomings, as well as search strategies for the manifestations of such models. This lecture prepares the students to start research in particle physics.

  • Block lecture and exercises for one week with 1.5 LVS.
  • The lecture will take place at CERN, Geneva.
  • The lecture will be given an English. Questions can also be asked in German.
  • This lecture reviews the SM including the Higgs mechanism and covers several models and methods of particle physics beyond the Standard Model (SM), such as extended Higgs sectors, Dark Matter, naturalness, and experimental searches.
  • The program also contains a guided tour and visits to the CERN exhibition (tour, Microcosm and Universe of Particles im Globe).
  • Lecture materials and homework will be provided on StudIP.

The costs for the excursion will be:

  • 5 nights * 14 CHF/night = 70 CHF for the CERN hostel (twin rooms), to be paid directly to the CERN hostel after your participation is confirmed
  • train ticket Hannover - Geneva - Hannover (you book it yourself):
    • ticket per direction starting from 39€ (without BahnCard - often a BC25 will save you money)
    • or InterRail Global Pass 4 days within 1 months for age <=27 years is 194€.
  • Food in the CERN canteen costs around 10 CHF per meal. You can also use the kitchen in the CERN hostel to prepare your own meals.

These are the expected costs (to be covered by the participants). If funding from the university becomes available, you will be informed, but please calculate such that you will pay for your own expenses. There is no additional participation fee.

You can arrive earlier e.g. to spend the long Pentecost weekend in the Geneva region, or depart later if you like. You are responsible for booking your additional nights in the CERN hostel (if there is space) or anywhere else.

The confirmation for your place in the excursion will be sent by 21/04. The CERN hostel need to be booked by 28/04. The StudIP forum can be used to find a room mate.

In case of questions that have not been answered by 18/04 on StudIP or Indico, please contact

  • Michelle Connor regarding access to CERN and the CERN hostel
  • Tanja Wießner for aspects regarding LUH
  • Elina Fuchs regarding the content and the level of the lecture.
Application for this event is currently open.