Jul 10 – 14, 2023
University of Washington
US/Pacific timezone

The purpose of this workshop is to exchange and explore high-throughput AI tools and infrastructure across the diverse research disciplines related to the A3D3 (Accelerated Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Data-Driven Discovery) Institute with the goal of fostering multi-disciplinary discussion and idea exchange. Participants will discuss the high-throughput AI tools, platforms, and challenges related to their ongoing research and work together to grow and apply their knowledge to a hackathon challenge. This is an opportunity for students, postdocs, and researchers to effectively communicate research, collaborate, and apply AI tools in a hands-on and cross-disciplinary environment.

Participants must pre-register for the workshop. There is no registration fee.

This workshop will take place over a week, starting with an overview on Monday of A3D3 research areas and outline of AI methods and platforms within those research areas (neuroscience, high energy physics, multi-messenger astronomy). Participants will then have the opportunity to present posters on related research during the workshop reception on Monday night, and will present in two groups so they will be able to view and provide feedback on each other's posters.

Poster abstract submission is required prior to the conference. The deadline for poster abstracts is June 30, 2023.

The workshop will resume on Wednesday, with the kickoff of a hackathon challenge. Participants of all experience levels may join one of three projects involving active research areas:

  • Neuroscience challenge: classification of brain signals from touch stimulus in mice
  • MMA challenge: ZTF telescope source classification
  • HEP challenge: Real-Time Anomaly Detection with CERN Open Data


Participants are highly encouraged to join projects outside of their own discipline. Datasets and example code are provided. Groups will be able to brainstorm and begin their project with the goal of presenting at next year's A3D3 workshop for a grand prize.

There will also be a CENPA lab tour and working banquet on Wednesday afternoon.

Poster Printing Options:

Local Poster Printing Shops:

  1. https://www.ezcopy.net/ (print job time: ~4 hr.)
  2. https://www.procopyprint.com/posters-banners-signs (print job time: same day)
  3. http://www.rainiercopy.com/posters.html (print job time: unknown)

UW Poster Printing Option:

  1. The MILL: This can be a backup option as they open after 4 pm and we have not used it before. Contact agarabag@uw.edu if you need to use this option. 

There will be an internal A3D3 NSF site visit restricted to A3D3 members, affiliated members and collaborators on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The agenda link was emailed to internal members

The workshop venues are:

  • July 10-12: Oak Hall Denny room 
  • July 12-14: PAB A114 (plenary), C520, WRF Studio (breakout rooms)

If you have any questions about the workshop please contact mquinnan@ucsd.edu


Program Organizational Committee:
Melissa Quinnan (UCSD) (Chair)
Brian Healy (UMN)
Daniel Diaz (UCSD)
Elham E Khoda (UW)
Janina Hakenmueller (Duke)
Megan Lipton (Purdue)

Local Organization Committee:
Shih-Chieh Hsu (UW)
Scott Hauck (UW)
Amy Orsborn (UW)
Eli Shlizerman (UW)
Haoran Zhao (UW)
Ali Garabaglu (UW)
Alex Schuy (UW)
Xiaohah Liu (UW)
Waiz Khan (UW)

The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.