Nov 27 – 30, 2023
Europe/Rome timezone


26th IPPOG meeting

The 26th IPPOG Collaboration Meeting is scheduled to be held from Monday to Thursday, with the following outlined plan:

  • Monday, 27th November: Masterclass for non-scientific CERN personnel in collaboration with the CMS Experiment.
  • Tuesday, 28th November: Hackathon
  • Tuesday, 28th November: Steering Groups Meetings (IMC - GC).
  • Wednesday and Thursday, 29th-30th November: IPPOG meeting.


Meeting room

Salle Bohr TBC


The meeting will be held at CERN. Zoom connections will be established during certain times to allow for the participation of people unable to attend in presence. But we encourage your physical presence.

  • Click on Videoconference (left)

Hotel suggestions

Group Activity

Visit at the Science Gateway


Please book your flights.

Remote Attendees

Please mind the following points to help run the meeting smoothly:

  • When connecting to Zoom, please switch off your camera and mute your microphone. If you want or are asked to intervene, then unmute your microphone. If network allows and you don’t run into privacy issues, you can also switch your camera, as usually people like to see who is speaking.
  • For questions/comments please raise your hands! The Chair(s) will monitor the hands and pass you the word at the appropriate time.
  • The chat box will also be monitored in case you want to write a question/comment or are difficulties with the system
  • Zoom link

Working Groups

  • Applications for Society WG
  • Masterclasses to New Countries WG
  • Explaining Particle Physics to a Lay Audience WG

Steering Groups

  • Global Cosmics SG:
  • International Masterclasses SG:

Panel Discussion / Workshop

Panel Discussion: Formal and Informal Education

Collaboration Dinner

The Collaboration dinner will be held on Wednesday November 29th, 2023
h 7:30 pm
Location: Piatto d'Oro - Rue du Cardinal-Journet 43, 1217 Meyrin 
9 min tram 18 or bus 68



Registration for this event is currently open.