Poster Session 2023

61/1-201 - Pas perdus - Not a meeting room - (CERN)

61/1-201 - Pas perdus - Not a meeting room -


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What? It's your chance to expose your work project and to present it within the bigger context of your experiment / department. You can make one on your own, or with a small group. Of course all students and supervisors are welcome to join us!

Please note that we only have 20-30 places available.


When?  Thursday 25th July 2023 at 5pm  to approx. 6h30pm

How? Please register on this event. Registration opens July 5th at 15h00

Where? Mezzanine of the Main Building- 500/1-201


More details:

Preparation of your Poster:
Posters can be as big as you like as long as they fit on the pannel. We recommend to print it in A0 (84.09 x 118.9 cm) or A1 (59.46 x 84.09 cm). The panels we use for the poster session are the same as the summer student notice board outside the Auditorium, so please just make sure it fits!

Where to print your Poster?
Your poster can be printed at the CERN Printshop. Once you have created your poster, you will just have to convert it into a pdf file and send it to the Printshop via the online submission form. You will then be informed when the poster has been printed and is ready for collection. 

Note that if you want to print 2 or more copies you will have to provide a budget code (you will need to ask your supervisor for your group budget code).

The CERN Printshop is located on the ground floor of building 510 (opposite the Main Building): 510 R-007. The Printshop reception is open from: Monday-Friday, only by appointment in the morning and every afternoon from 13h to 16h30. 

Please make sure that you submit your poster request during normal working hours, and not to leave it until the last moment! Note that for large conferences, the waiting list in front of you can be very long.

For those participants who have not sent the topic of their posters yet, please send it as soon as possible to the Summer Student Team!

We look forward to seeing you there, don't forget to invite your supervisor and colleagues to join us!

Waiting list
2 / 10
    • 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
      Poster Session
      • 5:00 PM
        CMS Inspection Robot 3m
        Speakers: Aljoharh Alshwaish, Firas Abou Karnib
      • 5:03 PM
        LHCb Simulation Wizard 3m
        Speaker: Alexia Alexander Wight (CERN)
      • 5:06 PM
        Characterization of Proton Irradiated SiC Sensors 3m
        Speaker: Elias Arnqvist
      • 5:09 PM
        Search for new phenomena in 4 lepton final states with the full Run 2 dataset 3m
        Speaker: Mr Shreyas Bakare (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune)
      • 5:12 PM
        Application of Machine Learning in Simulation and Analysis of Neutrino Interactions with Argon Nuclei: 3m
        Speaker: Shubham Bangalia (CERN)
      • 5:15 PM
        ATLAS L1Calo Trigger System 3m
        Speaker: Srinidhi Budhiraju (CERN)
      • 5:18 PM
        tt̄H Events Classification with Graph Neural Networks in 2L(SS)+1𝛕had Channel 3m
        Speaker: Paramott Bunnjaweht (CERN)
      • 5:21 PM
        Photon ID 3m
        Speaker: Mx Franco Cassinese (National University of La Plata (AR))
      • 5:24 PM
        BRIL 3m
        Speaker: Luis Andres Chicaiza Chuquitarco
      • 5:27 PM
        Search for Scalar Leptoquarks Through T-Channel Production at LHCb 3m
        Speaker: Carrie Re Cox (CERN)
      • 5:30 PM
        Barrier bucket multi-turn extraction from PS to SPS for fixed-target experiments 3m
        Speaker: Matis Cuvelier
      • 5:33 PM
        Optical Characterizations of Aerogel and Anti-Reflecting Coating of SiPM 3m
        Speaker: Almaida Firdaus (CERN)
      • 5:36 PM
        MTD 3m
        Speaker: Amal Ali A. Hasan
      • 5:39 PM
        Efficiency characterization of gamma+6 jets trigger 3m
        Speaker: Joaquin Iturriza Ramirez (National University of La Plata (AR))
      • 5:42 PM
        Studying the Decay of the Hypertriton 3m
        Speaker: Elli Sophie Jobst
      • 5:45 PM
        Long-range correlations in pp collisions 3m
        Speaker: Olavi Kiuru
      • 5:48 PM
        Characterization of the PS Kickers for Improved Fast Extraction 3m
        Speaker: Felix Klose
      • 5:51 PM
        Emulsion Data Analysis for SND@LHC 3m
        Speaker: Tanvi Krishnan (Harvey Mudd College)
      • 5:54 PM
        Measurements of the Lb->JpsiXiK and Xib->JpsiXiPi Branching Ratios 3m
        Speaker: Noah Luch (Princeton University (US))
      • 5:57 PM
        lb-telemetry: Identifying optimisation opportunities in software tools 3m
        Speaker: Cameron Duncan McClymont
      • 6:00 PM
        Optimization of the longitudinal segmentation of a SPACAL for the LHCb PicoCal 3m
        Speaker: Aleksandra Petkovic
      • 6:03 PM
        Evil Storage Layer for RNTuple 3m
        Speaker: Vicky Porter
      • 6:06 PM
        Performance Studies and New Particle Search with the ATLAS Forward Proton Detector 3m
        Speaker: Haritina Sakova (CERN)
      • 6:09 PM
        RF power predictor for SPS 200 MHz cavities 3m
        Speaker: Tanvir Sayed
      • 6:12 PM
        Study of the noise properties of non-destructive single-particle detector for antiproton spin flip identification 3m
        Speaker: Halil Furkan Kimkak
      • 6:15 PM
        Characterisation of additively manufactured synchrotron radiation absorber 3m
        Speaker: Kristupa Seskauskaite
      • 6:18 PM
        Quality Control and certification of GEM detectors for the CMS GE2/1 station 3m
        Speaker: Riana Shaba
      • 6:21 PM
        Formal Verification of Neural Networks 3m
        Speaker: Thanapong Sommart
      • 6:24 PM
        Time information in conformal tracking for future colliders 3m
        Speaker: Wei-Po Wang
      • 6:27 PM
        RFQcb at Offline 2 3m
        Speaker: Jara Anielle Wilensky