Workshop Topics

  • Applications

    High Gradient Accelerators
    Discharge-based Devices
    Electrostatic Failure Mitigation
    Vacuum Interrupters
    Fusion Devices
    Pulsed Power

  • Field Emission

    Tunneling Theory
    Fowler-Nordheim Models
    Thermionic Emission
    Field Emission from "Real" Surfaces
    STM/AFM/SKPM Measurements

  • Experiments and Diagnostics

    DC Breakdown
    RF Breakdown
    Advanced Diagnostics
    Technologies for High Gradients
    Insulator Flashover

  • Modeling and Simulations

    Arc Initiation and Evolution
    Plasma‐Wall Interactions
    Surface Damage and Evolution
    Surface Modification from E and B Fields
    Dislocation Activity
    Cavity Condition and Evolution
    Numerical Methods (PIC‐DSMC, MD, KMC, etc.)