LHCb Starterkit 2024

13/2-005 (CERN)



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Lucas Arthur Foreman (University of Manchester (GB)), Miguel Fernandez Gomez (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)), Thomas Poeschl (CERN)

The Starterkit is a five day event in which you will learn the basics required to analyse LHCb data. It is a fully hands-on workshop and will take place in hybrid mode, both on ZOOM and at CERN. Demonstrators will be available during the lessons to offer individual help (whether in person or with breakout rooms on Zoom). 

Join the Mattermost channel to ask questions!

The Starterkit will cover tools you'll use day to day during your PhD, including Bash, Git, snakemake and Python, as well as LHCb specific software, tasks and questions. The source material is already partially available on the first analysis steps site.

**There will be a 30€/CHF fee to be paid in cash on arrival (or in advance via the secretariat) and an optional 20€/CHF for the social event**


Attendees should make sure to follow the course prerequisites before attending the workshop.

Until the workshop, new members to LHCb are invited to follow the content at the analysis-essentials and first-analysis-steps sites.


Teachers & Helpers!

An official call for Teachers and Helpers will be coming shortly, in the meantime anyone interested in becoming a helper is welcome to join the 2023 helpers Mattermost

LHCb Starterkit 2024
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