May 7 – 10, 2024
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Program

The meeting aims at bringing together experimentalists and theorists to discuss the latest developments in Standard Model phenomenology at the LHC. The covered topics are split into six categories, which are listed here together with the session convenors:

QCD: Klaus Rabbertz (KIT), Murilo Rangel (UFRJ), Enrico Tassi (Universita' della Calabria & INFN), Melissa van Beekveld (Nikhef)
Heavy Flavour: Jernej Kamenik (University of Ljubljana & Jožef Stefan Institute), Nuno Leonardo (LIP), Mark Smith (Imperial College),
Electroweak: Guillelmo Gomez Ceballos (MIT), Camilla Vittori (CERN), Marius Wiesemann (MPI Munich), Hang Yin (CCNU),
Top quark: Peter Berta (Charles University), Kai-Feng Chen (NTU), Rene Poncelet (IFJ)
Higgs Boson: Mauro Donega (ETH), Christoph Englert (University of Glasgow), Elisabeth Schopf (University of Oxford)
EFT: Kirill Skovpen (Ghent University), Philip Sommer (CERN), Eleni Vryonidou (University of Manchester)