May 7 – 10, 2024
Europe/Rome timezone
Aula Convegni CNR

The SM@LHC Workshop deals with the latest developments and future prospects in Standard Model phenomenology at the LHC, with emphasis on the most interesting and topical aspects at the interface between theory and experiment. The workshop has sessions devoted to Electroweak, QCD, Higgs, Top, Heavy Flavour and EFT.

It will take place at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Rome (Italy)

Previous workshops of the SM@LHC series took place in FNAL (SM@LHC 2023), CERN (SM@LHC 2022), Online (SM@LHC 2021), Zurich (SM@LHC 2019), Berlin (SM@LHC 2018), Amsterdam (SM@LHC 2017), Pittsburgh (SM@LHC 2016), Florence (SM@LHC 2015), Madrid (SM@LHC 2014), Freiburg (SM@LHC 2013), Copenhagen (SM@LHC 2012), Durham (SM@LHC 2011) and London (SM@LHC 2009).

The registration is now open.

International Organizing Committee: Juan Alcaraz Maestre, Jeppe Andersen, William Barter, Mario Campanelli, Tancredi Carli, Vitaliano Ciulli, Ayres Freitas, Stefan Hoeche, Aleandro Nisati, Giulia Zanderighi

Local Organizing Committee: M.Bauce, R.Bonciani, D. del Re, E. Di Marco, S. Giagu, V. Ippolito, B. Mele, A. Nisati, R. Paramatti, E. Pasqualucci, D. Pinci, A. Polosa, C. Rovelli, R. Santacesaria, L. Silvestrini, L. Soffi

Registration for this event is currently open.