May 3 – 6, 2016
University of Pittsburgh
US/Eastern timezone

The SM@LHC 2016 conference will be held May 3-6, 2016 at the University of Pittsburgh.

The meeting aims to bring together experimentalists and theorists to discuss the phenomenology, observational results and theoretical tools for Standard Model physics at the LHC. The agenda is divided into four working groups:

  1. Electroweak physics
  2. Higgs physics
  3. QCD (hard, soft & PDFs)
  4. Top & flavour physics

Conference location: Forbes ballroom, Hilton Garden Inn, 3454 Forbes Ave.

Program organizers: Juan Alcaraz Maestre, Jeppe Andersen, Mario Campanelli, Tancredi Carli, Vitaliano Ciulli, Stefan Dittmaier,  Frank Krauss, Eric Laenen, Katharina Müller, Aleandro Nisati

Local organizers: Cindy Cercone, Ayres Freitas, Tao Han, Brock Tweedie

SM@LHC 2016 is followed by the Pheno 2016 Symposium, May 9-11, 2016, in Pittsburgh.

Previous SM@LHC Workshops:
SM@LHC 2015 (Florence, Italy)
SM@LHC 2014 (Madrid, Spain)
SM@LHC 2013 (Freiburg, Germany)
SM@LHC 2012 (Kopenhagen, Denmark)
SM@LHC 2011 (Durham, UK)
SM@LHC 2009 (London, UK)




University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260