May 2 – 4, 2016
Argonne National Laboratory
America/Chicago timezone

A workshop for theorists and LHC experimentalists to discuss hints for new physics at the LHC and their interpretations as well as combinations of searches in different final states. Many searches for new physics have been done with the Run 1 data at the LHC, and some have been updated with early data from Run 2. Recent searches cover a large range of phase space and a few of them show possible hints for bumps and deviations from the SM background expectations. We will discuss these searches as well as the implications of the hints and limits. Efforts are starting on ATLAS and CMS to combine searches in different final states to obtain tighter limits on NP model parameters. We will discuss prospects for such combinations and different approaches.

Dinner on Monday will be at Chateau Orleans on Cass Ave, see here for details and dinner payment options.

Thank you for a successful workshop! The second workshop will be in September 2016.


Argonne National Laboratory
Bldg 362 auditorium
9700 Cass Ave Lemont, IL 60439 USA
Supported by HEP division, ANL and Department of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State University. Organizing committee: Sergei Chekanov (ANL) Wade Fisher (MSU) Peisi Huang (ANL/Chicago) Ahmed Ismail (UIC/ANL) Ian Low (Northwestern/ANL) Nhan Tran (FNAL) Alexander Paramonov (ANL) Reinhard Schwienhorst (MSU/ANL) Carlos Wagner (Chicago/ANL) Si Xie (Cal Tech and FNAL) Session conveners: We morning: We afternoon: Thu morning: Thu afternoon: Fri morning: