September 27, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone


During the HL-LHC IT String Day III in 2023 (link) a review was conducted on the lessons learned from the installation and commissioning activities. The event also covered the main upcoming activities, the planned test program, and discussed the progress in the procedures and software for the IT String Hardware Commissioning (HWC).

The HL-LHC IT String Day IV will start with a general introduction that revisits the recommendations for the previous IT String Day. It will also provide an update of the project status, along with an overview of the QA/QC processes implemented and the safety protocols enforced during installation and operation. Furthermore, the main objectives to be adressed during the event are outlined as follows:

a. Present the lessons learned during the installations, individual system tests and short circuit tests as part of the hardware commissioning phase performed since the last IT String Day.

b. Describe the main upcoming activities, including: the sequence and target period for installation, and the readiness of procedures and tooling.

c. Confirm the test program for the HL-LHC IT String Hardware Commissioning and the HL-LHC IT String Specific tests. Report on the status of the test procedures for the IT String Hardware Commissioning and the associated software.

The advisors nominated by the HL-LHC Project Leader and the TE Department Head will be asked to provide their feedback and recommendations to the Management as well as to share their comments with the HL-LHC WP16 core team.

Chair: Markus Zerlauth

Advisor: Rüdiger Schmidt, Philippe Lebrun

Scientific Secretary:  Nicolás Heredia García

Link person for the HL-LHC IT String (WP16): Marta Bajko

Invited: HLPO; ATS Director, ATS DHs; WPLs & Deputies; GLs & Deputies; Magnet Circuits Expert; Polarity Controller; participation may be extended upon proposal of GLs or WPLs.

Speakers will be invited to organize their presentations based on predefined questions and keywords to ensure maintaining their allocated time while providing the relevant information in a homogenous way. Detailed questions and keywords will be formulated for each session and each speaker.

In the same spirit, the IT String Day will be repeated with dedicated and adapted content in the coming years to report on the advancement and the lessons learned from each phase of the facility.


30/7-018 - Kjell Johnsen Auditorium
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