Detector Seminar

The CMS detector for LHC Run 3

by Alexey Shevelev (University of Maryland (US)), Dinyar Rabady (CERN), Grace Haza (University of Nebraska Lincoln (US))

40/S2-D01 - Salle Dirac (CERN)

40/S2-D01 - Salle Dirac


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​Since the initial data taking of the CERN LHC, the CMS experiment has undergone substantial upgrades and improvements. In this Detector Seminar an overview of important upgrades of the CMS Detector during previous Long Shutdowns will be given and the configuration of the experiment for the third data-taking period of the CERN LHC, Run 3, will be presented.

In a first part, details about the replacement of the entire silicon pixel tracking detector will be presented. In a second, upgrades to the electronics of the hadron calorimeter and the muon electronic systems will be shown, together with the new muon detector stations which were added. The dedicated luminosity detectors and the beam loss monitor were refurbished and the changes will be summarized. In the final part of the seminar, the substantial improvements to the trigger, data acquisition, software, and computing systems will be presented, including a new hybrid CPU/GPU farm for the high-level trigger.

Coffee will be served at 10:30.

Organized by

Burkhard Schmidt