Sep 9 – 12, 2024
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Call for Abstracts

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  • Submission deadline

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts on subjects of interest to the International High-power RF community. Submission requires log-in to the CERN Indico system. If you do not have an account yet, please follow the instructions to create a CERN lightweight account. In case additional support is needed, please contact

Areas typically covered at the CWRF workshops are:

High Power RF System Status and Operating Experience
- Facility status reports on upgrades, performance, and reliability
- High-power component testing/conditioning processes and results
- New projects
- Novel solutions to difficult problems
- Hardware failures worth to mention

RF Power Amplifier Technology – New trends, developments and performance
- Solid state, GaN, Si LDMOS, SiC
- Linear beam devices (klystron, IOT, TWT)
- Multi-beam designs
- Gridded tubes
- RF power combining methods
- Cost and size comparison between solid state and vacuum tube
- Efficiency
- Amplifier linearization

RF Combination and Distribution for High Power Systems
- Transmission systems, coaxial and waveguide
- Combiner strategies and topologies
- Cavity input couplers
- RF Loads

High Power RF Interlock and Protection System Design and Operation
- Automated processes - development and implementation
- Personnel-safety interlocks and strategies - High voltage, RF radiation, X-rays
- Non-ionizing radiation monitoring and hazard control
- Arc detection, power amplifier overload protection

Control Devices for High Power RF
- Switches, waveguide and coaxial
- Waveguide shutters
- Ferrite devices (circulators, isolators)
- Cavity HOM dampers

DC Power Supply Systems and Strategies for High Power RF Amplifiers
- Transformer-rectifier systems
- Switching regulators
- Low stored energy systems
- DC power generation topology for large solid state RF systems
- Solid state replacements for thyratron and ignitron crowbar systems
- Solid state high voltage regulators

Since 2008 we archive all workshop presentations and proceedings at one centralized place under the CERN Indico system. Please note in order to submit an abstract you need to have a CERN Indico account. In case you do not have it yet, create a CERN light-weight account, which will work well for the purpose.
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