Thirteenth CW and High Average Power RF Workshop

Crowne Plaza Downtown, Knoxville, TN

Crowne Plaza Downtown, Knoxville, TN

Daniel Valuch (CERN)

Welcome to the 13th Continuous Wave and High Average Power RF Workshop, 2024! Join your colleagues from around the world to discuss the application of RF power and its inherent challenges. Share your experiences with high-power vacuum electronics, combiners, circulators, phase-shifters, solid-state sources, and other RF equipment. CWRF 2024 will be held September 9 - 12, 2024 in Knoxville, TN near the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

Goal of the Continuous Wave and High Average Power RF Workshop is to share the experience and ideas on applications which utilize high-power klystrons, gridded tubes, solid-state architectures, high-voltage modulators, high-power combiners, circulators, transmission lines, cavities, power couplers or tuners. New ideas on upgrading the high-power RF system and novel ways of the RF power generation and distribution will also be discussed.

Registration closes for non-US attendees on July 23.  Registration closes for US attendees on August 29.

CERN Indico system is used to manage the abstracts, presentations and archive the workshop contributions from 2024, 2022, 202020182016 201420122010 and 2008. You will need to log in, using either your already existing CERN Indico account, or by creating a new light-weight account. Please follow the instructions under Call for Abstracts if you need an assistance.

Scientific program committee

  • Doug Horan - SPC Chair (ANL)
  • Daniel Valuch - SPC Co-chair (CERN)
  • Eric Montesinos (CERN)
  • John Moss (ORNL)
  • Markus Schneider (PSI)

International organization committee

  • Alireza Nassiri - IOC Chair (ANL)
  • Alessandro Fabris - IOC Co-chair (ELETTRA)
  • Takahiro Inagaki (SPring8)
  • Morten Jensen (ESS)
  • Ming-Chyuan Lin (NSRRC)
  • Francis Perez (ALBA - CELLS)
  • Jim Rose (BNL)


John Moss (workshop organizer)

Daniel Valuch (Indico, abstracts, program)