21-25 May 2012
New York City, NY, USA
US/Eastern timezone

SSD Scalability Performance for HEP data analysis using PROOF

22 May 2012, 13:30
4h 45m
Rosenthal Pavilion (10th floor) (Kimmel Center)

Rosenthal Pavilion (10th floor)

Kimmel Center

Poster Computer Facilities, Production Grids and Networking (track 4) Poster Session


Dr Giacinto Donvito (INFN-Bari)


Nowadays the storage systems are evolving not only in size but also in terms of used technologies. SSD disks are currently introduced in storage facilities for HEP experiments and their performance is tested in comparison with standard magnetic disks. The tests are performed by running a real CMS data analysis for a typical use case and exploiting the features provided by PROOF-Lite, that allows to distribute a huge number of events to be processed among different CPU cores in order to reduce the overall time needed to complete the analysis task. These tests are carried on comparing performances over a few computational devices typically hosted at a current Tier2/Tier3 facility. The performance results are provided by focusing on scalability issues in terms of speed up factor and processing event rate, and can be assumed as guidelines for both the typical HEP analyst and the T2/T3 manager. For the former in the configuration of his own analysis task while dealing with increasing data sizes, for the latter in the implementation of interactive data analysis facility for HEP experiments while facing solutions that concern both technological and economical aspects.
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Primary author

Dr Giacinto Donvito (INFN-Bari)


Alexis Pompili (Universita e INFN (IT)) Lucia Barbone (Universita e INFN (IT))

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