Sep 10 – 11, 2007
Europe/Zurich timezone

First circular

Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to participate in the workshop on the future R&D collaboration on Micropattern Gas Detectors (MPGD) at CERN. Its goal is to bundle and coordinate detector development and simulation work, which is currently being performed by numerous groups at universities and research institutes. Next generation accelerator experiments will push detector requirements to their limits, in particular long-term performance at very high radiation fluxes, susceptibility to heavily ionizing background and to neutrons, geometrical dimensions and material budget

The collaboration will allow to:
structure, coordinate and focus ongoing R&D efforts
share knowledge, experience and infrastructure, agree on common test and quality standards
coordinate widespread simulation efforts towards setting-up a common maintainable software package for gas detector simulations
share investment of common projects (e.g. larger detectors)

This is expected to lead to:
an improved understanding of operational parameters (gas, fields, readout structures, MC simulations),
optimized detector performance,
optimized readout electronics and readout integration with detectors,
new detector concepts,
progress in technology (base materials, fabrication methods, industrialization and cost effectiveness).

The workshop will cover the following topics: detectors, detector components, technological aspects, readout electronics, software simulation, industrial partnership and possible financing resources.
The meeting will take place on Monday and Tuesday 10th – 11th of September 2007 at CERN. You are invited to register on the workshop page:
Micro Pattern Gas Detectors. Towards an R&D Collaboration. (10-11 September 2007) and you are encouraged to submit your presentation which covers your current activity, plans for the future and expectation from forming an R&D collaboration.
Please feel free to forward this circular to colleagues who might be interested in micropattern gas detectors development.
A detailed agenda together with meeting location information will be distributed at the end of August.

With best regards,

Leszek Ropelewski
and Christian Joram
CH-1211 Geneva 23