Micro Pattern Gas Detectors. Towards an R&D Collaboration.

AB Auditorium Meyrin (CERN)

AB Auditorium Meyrin


A workshop on micro pattern gas detectors will be held at CERN. The workshop may lead to the formation of an official R&D collaboration (probably RD51) on micro pattern gas detectors. The goal of such a collaboration would be to bundle and coordinate detector development and simulation work, which is currently being performed in numerous groups at universities and research institutes. The collaboration will allow to: • structure, coordinate and focus ongoing R&D efforts • share knowledge, experience and infrastructure, agree on common test and quality standards • coordinate widespread simulation efforts towards setting-up a common maintainable software package for gas detector simulations • share investment of common projects (e.g. larger mask sets for GEMs) This is expected to lead to: • an improved understanding of operational parameters (gas, fields, readout structures, MC simulations), • optimized detector performance, • optimized readout electronics and readout integration with detectors, • new detector concepts, • progress in technological and economical aspects (base materials, fabrication methods, industrialization and cost effectiveness). Contact persons at CERN: Leszek.Ropelewski@cern.ch and Christian.Joram@cern.ch Secretariat support: Kate.Ross@cern.ch and Veronique.Wedlake@cern.ch
  • Alain Bellerive
  • Alain Delbart
  • Alexei Buzulutskov
  • Allain Gonidec
  • Archana SHARMA
  • Bernard DENIS
  • Bernard Genolini
  • Bernd Voss
  • Bernhard Ketzer
  • Christian Joram
  • Colin Goodheart-Smithe
  • David ATTIE
  • David Watts
  • Domenico della Volpe
  • Elena Rocco
  • Emir Sirage
  • Eraldo Oliveri
  • Eric Delagnes
  • Erik van der Bij
  • Fabien Jeanneau
  • Fabio Sauli
  • Ferdinand Hahn
  • Francisco Garcia
  • Fred Hartjes
  • Fulvio Tessarotto
  • Gabriele Croci
  • Giovanni Bencivenni
  • Giulietto Felici
  • Gloria Spandre
  • Hans Muller
  • Harry van der Graaf
  • Hartmut Hillemanns
  • Ioannis GIOMATARIS
  • Jacob van Beelen
  • Jan Timmermans
  • Janina Östling
  • Jean Peyré
  • Jean-Eric Ducret
  • Jerome BEUCHER
  • Jin Li
  • Joachim Baechler
  • Joao Veloso
  • Joel Pouthas
  • Johann Zmeskal
  • Jörg Wotschack
  • Kari Kurvinen
  • Klaus Dehmelt
  • Klaus Desch
  • Konstantinos Nikolopoulos
  • Leszek Ropelewski
  • Lev Shekhtman
  • Luciano Musa
  • Lucie Linssen
  • Mar Capeans
  • Marco Cortesi
  • Marco Poli Lener
  • Mariagrazia Alviggi
  • Matteo Alfonsi
  • Maxim Titov
  • Maximilien Chefdeville
  • Michael Campbell
  • Michael Moll
  • Miranda van Stenis
  • Nail Malakhov
  • Nial Wassdahl
  • Nicola turini
  • Nikolai Smirnov
  • Paolo Iengo
  • Paolo Martinengo
  • Pascal Baron
  • Paul Colas
  • Peter Cwetanski
  • Rob Veenhof
  • Ron Settles
  • Ronaldo Bellazzini
  • Ronny der Kinderen
  • Rudiger Voss
  • Rui De Oliveira
  • Sandro Palestini
  • Sanjoy pal
  • Serge Duarte Pinto
  • Sorina Popescu
  • Stefan Roth
  • Stefano Lami
  • Stéphan Aune
  • Suvendu Nath Bose
  • Toru Tanimori
  • Uwe Renz
  • Vadim Grachev
  • Valeri Chernyatin
  • Vincent Lepeltier
  • Vladimir Peskov
  • Walter Snoeys
  • Werner Riegler
  • Wolfgang Klempt
  • Yevgen Bilevych
  • Yulan Li
  • Monday, September 10
    • State-of-the-art of micro pattern gas detectors (Overview)
      • 1
        Introduction to the workshop
        Speaker: Lucie Linssen (CERN)
      • 3
        Latest progress with Micromegas
        Speaker: Ioanis Giomataris (Centre d'Etudes de Saclay (CEA-Saclay))
      • 4
        GEM and other charge multipliers with VLSI pixel read-out
        Speaker: Ronaldo Bellazzini (INFN Pisa)
      • 5
        GEM at CERN
        Speaker: Leszek Ropelewski (CERN)
    • 10:30 AM
    • State-of-the-art of micro pattern gas detectors (GEM and THGEM)
      • 6
        GEM detectors for high rate tracking
        Speaker: Bernhard Ketzer (Institut fuer Theoretische Physik)
      • 7
        GEM, applications in synchrotron radiation experiments and tracking in high energy physics
        Speaker: Lev Shekhtman (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP))
      • 8
        Latest progress in developing GEM-like detectors with resistive electrodes
        Speaker: Vladimir Peskov (Pole Universitaire Leonardo de Vinci)
      • 9
        Recent advances in THGEM detectors at Weizmann
        Speaker: Marco Cortesi (Weizmann Institute of Science)
      • 10
        Recent developments on MHSPs and GEMs in gaseous cascade multipliers for ion back-flow suppresion
        Speaker: Joao F.C.A. Veloso (Uni Aveiro)
      • 11
        GEM detectors activity at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of INFN
        Speaker: Matteo Alfonsi (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (LNF))
    • 1:00 PM
    • State-of-the-art of micro pattern gas detectors (Micromegas)
      • 12
        Micromegas TPC readout R&D
        Speaker: Paul Colas (DAPNIA)
      • 13
        MPGD readout TPC using the charge dispersion signal
        Speaker: Alain Bellerive (Carleton University)
      • 14
        Large size bulk Micromegas
        Speaker: Alain Delbart (DAPNIA - Centre d'Etudes de Saclay (CEN Saclay))
      • 15
        Micromegas performance and ageing studies
        Speaker: Dr David ATTIE (CEA/DSM/DAPNIA/SPP)
      • 16
        R&D on Micromegas for an upgrade of ATLAS Muon System for the SLHC
        Speaker: Joerg Wotschak (CERN)
    • 3:30 PM
    • State-of-the-art of micro pattern gas detectors
      • 17
        Two-phase avalanche detectors based on gas electron multipliers
        Speakers: Dr Alexei Buzulutskov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics), Lev Shekhtman (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP))
      • 18
        MPGD for Active Target Detectors in low energy nucear physics
        Speaker: Joel Pouthas (Institut National de Physique Nucleaire... (IN3P3))
      • 19
        Development of Micro Pixel Gas Chamber based on printed circuit technology and its applications
        Speaker: Toru Tanimori (Department of Physics, Kyoto University)
    • Electronics for micropattern gas detectors
      • 20
        Micro Pattern Gas Detectors characteristics and front-end electronics requirements
        Speaker: Werner Riegler (CERN)
      • 21
        MEDIPIX/TIMEPIX - Pixel electronics for MPGD
        Speaker: Michael Campbell (CERN)
      • 22
        Electronics for TPC readout with MPGD
        Speaker: Luciano Musa (CERN)
      • 23
        The AFTER-based MPGD-TPC readout electronics
        Speaker: Pascal Baron (CAE Saclay)
      • 24
        VFAT and discharge protection chip
        Speaker: Walter Snoeys (CERN)
      • 25
        Multichannel readout electronics for MPGD, based on different types of IDEAS chips
        Speaker: Nail Malakhov (Ohio State University)
      • 26
        R&D on ASIC for GEM
        Speaker: Giulietto Felici (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (LNF))
    • 8:00 PM
      Workshop dinner
  • Tuesday, September 11
    • State-of-the-art of micropattern gas detectors (pixel readout)
      • 27
        GRIDs - latest progress
        Speaker: Jan Timmermans (NIKHEF)
      • 28
        Experience with 3-GEM configurations using the TimePix
        Speaker: Uwe Renz (University of Freiburg)
      • 29
        MPGD activities - plans in Bonn
        Speaker: Klaus Desch (Bonn Univ.)
    • Software tools for gas detectors studies
    • 10:30 AM
    • Technological aspects of MPGD
      • 32
        MPGD technologies
        Speaker: Rui De Oliveira (CERN)
      • 33
        Large GEM detectors
        Speaker: Serge Duarte Pinto (CERN)
      • 34
        GEM detectors production and QC
        Speaker: Kari Kurvinen (Helsinki Institute of Physics HIP)
      • 35
        A test and certification of GEM foils produced by Tech-Etch
        Speaker: Nik Smirnov (Yale University)
      • 36
        Aging and radiation hardness of gas detectors
        Speaker: Mar Capeans Garrido (CERN)
      • 37
        The LCTPC Collaboration: some key aspects of activity
        Speaker: Klaus Dehmelt (Dept.of Physics and Space Sciences)
    • 1:00 PM
    • Forming an R&D collaboration
      • 38
        Experience from RD50 - R&D Collaboration on rad hard tracking detectors
        Speaker: Michael Moll (CERN)
      • 39
        Towards RD51 - organizational aspects
        Speaker: Christian Joram (CERN)
      • 40
        Future of the gas detectors
        Speaker: Harry Van Der Graaf (NIKHEF)
    • 3:30 PM
    • Discussion: Next steps, sharing of tasks.