11-15 February 2013
Vienna University of Technology
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Embedded Pitch Adapters for the ATLAS Tracker Upgrade

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

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Poster Semiconductor Detectors


Dr Miguel Ullan Comes (Universidad de Valencia (ES))


In the ATLAS SCT modules there is a large pitch dissimilarity between detector and chip pads. The adaptation is made via glass plates with metal tracks named pitch adapters (PA). Our new approach for the ATLAS Tracker Upgrade prototypes is using a second metal layer in the sensor fabrication to implement PA built in the detector to overcome the pitch dissimilarity and avoid the use of a separated PA. The main technological challenges are based on the impossibility of high temperature processing steps after the deposition of the first metal layer. This difficulty is overcome by the use of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) for the inter-layer oxide. Device challenges are related to the possible crosstalk, which would degrade the noise, and the possible signal pick-up from the bulk, with the consequence of signal reduction. There is also a possible degradation of sensor channel yield due to statistical defects on the embedded PA tracks. In order to minimize crosstalk and reduce yield degradation, the design optimization criteria consist of obtaining minimum track length and maximum crossing angle between PA tracks and the strips. The embedded PA have been fabricated on large sensors for the ATLAS-Upgrade Endcap Tracker to tests their performance and suitability. Initial tests confirm proper fabrication of the second metal tracks. Detailed results on the device performance will be shown in the conference.
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Primary author

Dr Miguel Ullan Comes (Universidad de Valencia (ES))


Carlos Lacasta Llacer (IFIC-Valencia) Dr Celeste Fleta Corral (Universidad de Valencia (ES)) Giulio Pellegrini (Universidad de Valencia (ES)) Manuel Lozano Fantoba (Universidad de Valencia (ES)) Victor Hugo Benitez Casma (Universidad de Valencia (ES))

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