May 14 – 19, 2012
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow
Europe/Warsaw timezone
Tau leptons, elementary constituents of matter are of fundamental importance for science. Better modelling of their decays in modern language of hadronic interactions of intermediate energies may lead to a breakthrough in understanding relation between quantum chromodynamics and effective models of hadrons interactions. This is important not only for description of hadrons interactions themselves, but also for astrophysics: evolution of stars and model-ling of early Universe. inally tau leptons are used for establishing signatures of New Physics at LHC measurements, better understanding of their decays may lead to better separation between signals and backgrounds. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss work on and embed, for tau lepton decays, the theoretical predictions calculated from models like Resonance Chiral Theory, into phenomenologically useful tools. Better algorithms for confronting predictions with experimental data have to be prepared. Then, final adaptation of theoretical predictions (fits to the data of the effective couplings and masses) has to be performed. If after the fits discrepancies remain, the model under investigation can be excluded but guidance for the further development is obtained. Performing a step in work for such programme is the main purpose of the meeting and its backbone. Thanks to the results of this project physics gains of high energy experiments will be improved as well, in particular of LHC experiments. Better description of the data, in form of hadronic currents consistent with theoretical models, may give starting point for studies of QCD at low and intermediate energies. In these regimes perturbative methods are so far of limited use and need refinement. Such outcome would be of the great importance and can provide a breakthrough in the domain of intermediate energy scale. Better modelling of hadronic interactions may be useful for astrophysics applications as well. In particular to describe evolution of stars and of early Universe. Related topics are expected to be discussed during the meeting as well and complete the frame of this workshop organized to stimulate present work on research concentrated around TAUOLA Monte Carlo program. Meeting Access Information for evo: Title:          tau lepton decays Workshop, Cracow Description:    hadronic currents from Belle BaBar data and in LHC signatures Community:      Universe Password: will be sent by e-mail - Meeting URL (for Monday May 14): - Phone Bridge ID: 516 5285
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Cracow
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