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performance of 2nd generation CALICE ASICs (HARDROC, MICROROC, SKIROC & SPIROC)

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Sensors: 1a) Calorimetry


Mr Ludovic Raux (OMEGA Ecole Polytechnique & CNRS/IN2P3)


In the framework of CALICE, EUDET and AIDA programs, technological prototypes for ILC calorimetry have been developped. They rely dout ASIC on highly integrated readout ASICs to perform signal readout, auto-trigger and energy measurement over several millions of channels. Ultra-low power is achieved thanks to power pulsing, which must maintain calorimetric performance. The chips developped for the various types of calorimeters (RPCs, Micromegas, Si diodes or SiPMs) have now been tested extensively on test bench and test beam and the most sallient features will be presented.

Primary author

Christophe De La Taille (OMEGA Ecole Polytechnique & CNRS/IN2P3)


Mr FREDERIC DULUCQ (OMEGA-Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS/IN2P3) Gisele Martin Chassard (OMEGA (FR)) Mr Ludovic Raux (OMEGA Ecole Polytechnique & CNRS/IN2P3) Nathalie Seguin-Moreau (Universite de Paris-Sud 11 (FR)) Stéphane Callier (OMEGA / IN2P3 - CNRS)

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