ASPERA ad futurum

Brussels Info Place (BIP)

Brussels Info Place (BIP)

2-4 rue Royale B-1000 Bruxelles
Six and a half years since the beginning of ASPERA (Astroparticle Physics ERANET), the European research landscape for Astroparticle Physics has greatly changed thanks to the efforts of scientists and funding agencies who worked for and participated in the various activities organised in the context of the EU-funded projects ASPERA-1 and ASPERA-2.
This adventure is now coming coming to an end. The scope of this event is therefore two-fold:
a) review and celebrate these activities: strategic roadamapping, relations with industry, interdisciplinarity (synergies with geology, biology, etc), international (european and non-european) collaborations, linking of scientists and research infrastructures, definition of computing models are some of the activities that will be presented during this one-day workshop.
b) prepare and project to the future through the new sustainable structure, the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (ApPEC), which has been a bold step towards tighter collaboration amongst funding agencies aiming to coordinate the field and implement the roadmap priorities for the next years and in particular in the context of Horizon2020.
The agenda of the event is shown here.
All people interested in participating either from the agency side or from the scientific project side are very welcome (in the limits of available space, therefore please register here, there is no fee for participation).
  • Agnes Reiter
  • Albert De Roeck
  • Alexander Sharov
  • Andreas Haungs
  • Anna Ostapczuk
  • Antonio Capone
  • Arnaud Goolaerts
  • Astrid Chantelauze
  • Athina Meli
  • Benedetto D'Ettorre Piazzoli
  • Bernhard Fabianek
  • Bozena Czerny
  • Christian Spiering
  • Christian Stegmann
  • Christophe Collette
  • Daniel Bertrand
  • Emanuela Pistoia
  • Francisco del Aguila
  • Franz Linde
  • Franz von Feilitzsch
  • Gabriel Chardin
  • Hans-Jürgen Donath
  • Hermann-Friedrich Wagner
  • Iliana Brancus
  • Ino Agrafioti
  • Janet Seed
  • Jenny Hiscock
  • Job de Kleuver
  • Lea Perinic
  • Maciej Krzystyniak
  • Maria Bojanowska-Sot
  • Michele Punturo
  • Mirjana Eckert-Maksic
  • Mátyás Vasúth
  • Nicolas Augé
  • Paolo Piattelli
  • Razmik Mirzoyan
  • Sandra Hesping
  • stavros katsanevas
  • Stefan Michalowski
  • Subir Sarkar
  • Thomas Berghöfer
  • Tihomir Suric
  • Vilmos Nemeth
  • Yaroslav Sorokotyaga
  • Zsuzsanna Koenig
    • 09:30 10:15
      Keynote Speech 45m
      Speaker: Prof. Subir Sarkar (Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics - University of Oxford)
    • 10:15 10:45
      European Commission: Horizon 2020 30m
      Speaker: Bernhard Fabianek
    • 10:45 11:00
      the new Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (ApPEC) 15m
      Speaker: ApPEC GA Chairman
    • 11:00 11:30
      Coffee 30m
    • 11:30 12:00
      Roadmap and common calls 30m
      Speaker: Christian Spiering (DESY)
    • 12:00 12:20
      Interdisciplinarity and ApP 20m
      Speaker: Dr Ino Agrafioti
    • 12:20 12:40
      Innovation and ApP 20m
      Speaker: Sandra Hesping
    • 12:40 13:40
      Lunch 1h
    • 13:40 14:00
      Linking within Europe 20m
      Speaker: Antonio Masiero (Dipartimento di Fisica Galileo Galilei)
    • 14:00 14:20
      ApPEC from a the point of view of a smaller country 20m
      Speaker: Tihomir Suric
    • 14:20 14:40
      Worldwide context 20m
      Speaker: Stefan Michalowski
    • 15:00 16:00
      Final discussion (chair: General Secretary)
    • 16:00 17:00
      Coffee 1h
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