An ASPERA-funded 2-day workshop reviewing current and future studies and opportunities in multi-discplinary deep underground science. 
For decades astro-particle and particle physics experiments needing an ultra-low background environment have been operated deep underground where the rock overhead provides a shield against interference from cosmic rays. The growth of astroparticle physics has resulted in small but growing number of deep underground science facilities in Europe and around the world. In recent years in has become clear the special environments provided by these facilities is of interest to other areas of science, beyond astro-particle physics to areas such as Earth and environmental sciences, geology, geophysics, climatology, biology and astrobiology.
This ASPERA workshop will showcase the synergies between underground astroparticle physics infrastructures and the opportunities they provide to address a wide range of multi-disciplinary science challenges. The event will bring together scientists, decision makers and industry to highlight and identify underground science synergies; and address the scientific, administrative and funding challenges faced by multi-disciplinary scientists when trying to collaborate together and with industry.
The workshop is being held in the historic city of Durham in the North East of the UK. Durham University, the UK’s Boulby Deep Underground Science Facility and the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council are proud to be the local hosts of the workshop. The Boulby Underground Science facility is 1.5 hours drive from Durham and although visits are not offered as part of the conference schedule (due to time restrictions) visits can be arranged by separate request. 
Speakers announced: please check the timetable!
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and the Astroparticle Physics Underground Laboratories:
     Boulby(UK)       Canfranc(SP)        Gran Sasso(IT)      Modane(FR)   
Durham, UK
Calman Learning Centre at Durham University