Council - Hundred-and-sixty-fifth Session


from Thursday, December 13, 2012 (9:00 AM) to Friday, December 14, 2012 (2:00 PM)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


9.00: LHC Jamboree (CERN (500/1-001))

1. Status of the LHC and Experiments
   1.1 09.00: LHC Accelerator
   1.2 09.25: ATLAS
   1.3 09.50: CMS
   1.4 10.15: LHCb
   1.5 10.40: TOTEM
   1.6 10.50 ALICE
--- Coffee Break (Salle des Pas Perdus) ---
11.45: Restricted Session (CERN (60/6-015))

1. LHC Matters: LHC Long Shutdown 1 (LS1) Planning and Activities (Dr F. Bordry - Oral)
2. Report to the Credentials Committee
3. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the Hundred-and-Sixty-fourth Session of Council
CERN/3037/RA/Draft English French
4. Adoption of the Agenda
CERN/3038/Rev.2 English French
5. Matters arising from Previous Meeting
6. President's Report
7. Director-General's Report
8. Overview of Protocols concluded since December 2011
CERN/3043/RA English French
9. Status Report on participation of non-Member States in the CERN Programmes 2011-2012
CERN/3044/RA English
10. Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee (Dr B. Jacobsen - Oral)
11. Proposed Amendments to the 11th Edition of the Staff Rules and Regulations on diverse matters
CERN/FC/5691 CERN/3039 English
12. The Cost-Variation Index for 2013
CERN/FC/5692 CERN/3040 English French
13. Final Budget of the Organization for the fifty-ninth Financial Year 2013
CERN/FC/5693 CERN/3041 English French
14. Pension Fund
   14.1 Report by the Chairman of the Governing Board (Prof. D.O. Riska – Oral)
   14.2 Status of the Pension Fund's performance (Mr Th. Economou - Oral)
   14.3 Report by the PFGB in response to a request from ESO: Definition of a new reference salary for ESO participants in the CERN Pension Fund (Mr Th. Economou - Oral)
CERN/FC/5696/RA CERN/3048/RA English French Slides
   14.4 Request by France for payment by CERN of registration taxes
CERN/FC/5713/RA CERN/3051/RA English French
15. The obligations of CERN Member States in the event of withdrawal from the Organization
CERN/FC/5694/RA CERN/3042/RA English French
16. Plans for the Medium-Term Plan for the Period 2014-2018 (Director-General - Oral)
17. Standing Advisory Committee on Audits (SACA)
   17.1 SACA - Report of Activities 2012
CERN/FC/5695/RA CERN/3045/RA English French
   17.2 Revised Terms of Reference of the SACA
CERN/SPC/939/Rev. CERN/FC/5406/Rev. CERN/2883/Rev. English French
   17.3 New questions from delegations to SACA
18. Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee (Prof. F. Zwirner - Oral)
19. Questions from the Council to the SPC
   19.1 The scientific significance of the observation of a particle consistent with the SM Higgs boson with a mass of around 126 GeV
CERN/SPC/1000/RA CERN/3047/RA English French
   19.2 New Questions from the Delegations
20. Annual “Fundamental Physics for Society” Prize (Director-General - Oral)
21. Confirmation of the access status of the documents of the session
22. Other Business
Closed Session (CERN)

1. Applications for Membership/Associate Membership
   1.1 Update on the applications for Membership and on expressions of interest by other non-Member States (Director-General – Oral)
   1.2 The decision by the Turkish Government to withdraw its application for Membership of CERN and to apply instead for Associate Membership
CERN/3049/RA English French
   1.3 Application for Associate Membership of CERN by Brazil - Report by the fact-finding Task Force
2. Elections: Scientific Policy Committee
   2.1 Appointment of one member, re-appointment of three members and re-appointment of the Chairman
CERN/3046/RA English French
3. Elections: Council and Finance Committee
   3.1 Election of One Vice-President of Council
   3.2 Re-election of the Chairman of the Finance Committee
   3.3 Re-election of the Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee
   3.4 Call for nominations Vice-President of Council
4. Composition of the SACA - Appointment of two new expert members
5. Pension Fund : Call for nominations for a member of the PFGB
6. Senior Staff Appointments
CERN/SPC/1001/RA CERN/3050/RA English French
7. Revision of Art.2 - Procedure for Selecting and Appointing the Director-General of CERN
CERN/2329/Rev.3 English French
Friday, December 14, 2012


9.30: Open Session (CERN (503/1-001))

1. Report on the Decisions taken at Restricted, Closed and European Strategy Sessions (President of Council - Oral)
2. Diversity at CERN (Mrs A.-S. Catherin - Oral)
3. Report by the Chairman of the Finance Committee (Dr. B. Jacobsen - Oral)
4. Report by the Scientific Secretary (Prof. T. Nakada - Oral)
5. Report by the Chairman of the Scientific Policy Committee (Prof. F. Zwirner - Oral)
6. Report by the Chairman of ECFA (Prof. M. Krammer - Oral)
7. Other Business