Sep 15 – 19, 2008
Naxos - GREECE
Europe/Athens timezone

The workshop will cover all aspects of electronics for particle physics experiments, and accelerator instrumentation of general interest to users.

It is continuing and expanding the scope of the former workshop on electronics for LHC and future experiments (LECC), LHC experiments will remain a focus of the meeting but a strong emphasis on R&D for future experimentation will be maintained, such as SLHC, CLIC, ILC, neutrino facilities as well as other particle and astroparticle physics experiments.

The purposes of the workshop are :

- to present results and original concepts for electronic research and development relevant to experiments as well as accelerator and beam instrumentation at future facilities

- to review the status of electronics for the LHC experiments

- to identify and encourage common efforts for the development of electronics

- to promote information exchange and collaboration in the relevant engineering and physics communities.

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 18 May 2008

Further information and news on the workshop will be provided at

Naxos - GREECE

The conference programme will include invited plenary talks and parallel sessions for contributed papers, complemented by poster presentations. Several sessions of the conference will be dedicated to topical issues where impromptu contributions from participants are encouraged.