May 19 – 24, 2013
Europe/Rome timezone

About Padova

Padova is one of the oldest towns in northern Italy. It has gone through the centuries acquiring its specific aspect, heritage of the Roman age, Middle Age, Renaissance andPadova sights modern era. The town has many interesting sights: the Cappella degli Scrovegni, the Duomo with the Battistero, the Basilica del Santo, the central ''piazze'' with the Palazzo della Ragione and Piazza dei Signori, Prato della Valle and many more: you can find many pieces of information in these web sites:

If you plan to visit the Cappella degli Scrovegni, please note that the tour must be reserved, because the people flow is limited in order to preserve the frescoes in the chapel. Further information can be found here. You should also participate in the Padova social ritual, the aperitivo known simply as spritz. It is best enjoyed in one of the ''piazze'' in the core of the city, like Piazza delle Erbe often crowded with students and people back from an afternoon walk downtown. If you are fond of Venice, it can be easily reached by train (see here for the timetable, you can buy tickets also at the newsstand in the main hall of the train station).

Dining out

As you can expect, there are plenty of places in Padova where you can enjoy an excellent italian dinner. Here is a list of our favourites at walking distance in the city centre, far fom being exhaustive:

Osteria L'Anfora, via dei Soncin, 13
Osteria dei Fabbri, via Fabbri, 13
Osteria dal Capo, via degli Obizzi, 2
Enoteca dei Tadi, via dei Tadi, 16
Osteria da Nane della Giulia, via Santa Sofia, 1
Ristorante Pizzeria PePen, via Cavour, 15
Ristorante La Cova, via Pietro Fortunato Calvi, 20
Ristorante Belle Parti, via Belle Parti, 11
Pizzeria Rossopomodoro, via Santa Lucia, 68
Ristorante Pizzeria Marechiaro, via Manin, 37
Pizzeria Al Duomo, via Barbarigo, 18
Ristorante Pizzeria Al Carmine, piazza Petrarca, 8
Pizzeria Il Mandrillo, via Santa Lucia, 59
Ristorante Pizzeria Agli Eremitani, via Porciglia, 29
Osteria Re Porco, via San Pietro, 47
Trattoria da Mario e Mercedes, via San Giovanni di Verdara, 16
Ristorante Vecchio Falconiere, via Umberto I, 31/1
Ristorante Terrazza Carducci, via Carducci, 2
Ristorante Pizzeria Zairo, Prato della Valle, 51