How to get CIEMAT


CIEMAT is located at the very end of the University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria). Please, note that to access the Center you need to show your ID at the Security point where you will be given a guest card and a map of the facilities of the Center.


CIEMAT has its own free car parking
  • From Moncloa: Arco de Triunfo, Avda. Arco de la Victoria (A6), Plz. de Cardenal Cisneros y Avda. Complutense.
  • From M-30 y A6: salida Sinesio Delgado, siga Ciudad Universitaria-CIEMAT.
  • From Barajas Airport: 12 km from city center.
    • Head towards: Madrid - Avenida de America (A-2)
    • Take A-2
    • Exit M-30 Sur (A-4,A-42,A-5)
    • Continue along M-30
    • Exit 23 towards Sinesio Delgado - Ciudad Universitaria CIEMAT


From the airport the price is ~ 30 €. CIEMAT address is Avenida Complutense, 40

Public transportation in Madrid

For underground and bus the price of a single trip is 1.5 Euro and could be bought directly in the bus and underground ticket offices. A 10-trip ticket (metrobus) is available. The price is 12.20 Euros and can be found at the underground ticket offices, the tobacconists and the news-stands. This ticket is valid for both underground and bus.



From the airport, line 8, "Barajas-Aeropuerto",  is the line from/to Barajas Airport. Please, note that there are two differente stops: one from terminals T1-2-3 and another for T4. Be sure which is your terminal (Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4 are also connected by shuttle service). For reaching CIEMAT from the Airport, use line 8, stop at "Nuevos Ministerios" station to get the line 6 towards "Ciudad Universitaria" station. The oposite way for going from CIEMAT to Barajas airport.