8-12 September 2014
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Review of QCD sum rule results (comparison with LQCD)

8 Sep 2014, 15:50
EI 7 lecture hall (Vienna University of Technology)

EI 7 lecture hall

Vienna University of Technology



Silvano SIMULA


In this talk I will present the lattice averages for the decay constants of the D- and the B-meson performed by the Flavor Lattice Averaging Group (FLAG) and compare them with the corresponding updated predictions from Borel QCD Sum Rules for heavy-light currents. An excellent agreement is obtained in the charm sector, while some tension can be observed in the bottom sector. Furthermore, available lattice and QCD sum rule calculations of the decay constants of the vector D*- and B*-mesons will be compared. Again some tension in the bottom sector can be observed.

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