Apr 7 – 9, 2014
Royal Holloway, University of London
Europe/London timezone
Institute of Physics 2014 Joint High Energy Particle Physics and Astro Particle Physics Groups Annual Meeting

Search for $B_s^0 \to \phi \pi^+ \pi^-$ and $B_d^0 \to \phi \pi^+ \pi^-$ decays in LHCb

Apr 8, 2014, 2:30 PM
Room B (Windsor Building)

Room B

Windsor Building

contributed talk Flavour Physics and Beyond Parallel 1B


Haofei Luo (University of Edinburgh (GB))


Using 3fb$^{-1}$ of $pp$ collision data collected at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ and 8 TeV by LHCb experiment in 2011 and 2012, first observation is made of the suppressed flavor changing neutral current (FCNC) decay mode $B_s^0 \to \phi (K^+ K^-) f_0(980) (\pi^+ \pi^-)$. In the $\pi^+ \pi^-$ invariant mass range below 1100 MeV/c$^2$, the branching ratio, using the reference decay $B_s^0 \to \phi \phi$, is measured to be: `$\mathcal{B}(B_s^0 \to \phi \pi^+ \pi^-) = [1.73 \pm 0.14 \pm 0.12 ^{+ 0.55}_{- 0.46}\, \mathcal{B}({B_s^0 \to \phi \phi})] \times 10^{-6} $` This presentation also focus on the measurement other decays with same final state and give some evidence for $B_s^0 \to \phi \rho^0(770)$ and $B_d^0 \to \phi \pi^+ \pi^-$ decays.

Primary author

Haofei Luo (University of Edinburgh (GB))

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