European HTCondor Site Admins Meeting 2014

513/1-024 (CERN)



(Note unusual room for pre-GDB!)
Show room on map
Brian Paul Bockelman (University of Nebraska (US)), Helge Meinhard (CERN), Todd Tannenbaum (u)

The HTCondor team, together with Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Deployment Board, plans to offer a two-day workshop the 8th and 9th of December at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. HTCondor experts will also be available at CERN on Dec 10th and 11th for less structured one-on-one interaction and problem-solving. This workshop will provide lectures and presentations aimed towards both new and experienced administrators of HTCondor pools setup to manage local compute clusters. Topics envisioned include pool configuration, management, theory of operation, sharing of best practices and experiences, and monitoring of individual HTCondor batch pools. Special subjects of emphasis may include: scheduling, pool policy selection, performance tuning, debugging failures, and previews of upcoming features of HTCondor. Time will be provided for question and answer sessions. Attendees should have some knowledge of Linux and network administration, but no HTCondor experience will be required.

For those planning on showing up during "HTCondor Office Hours" on Wednesday and Thursday, we will be meeting at 28-R-015 during these hours:

  • Wednesday: 9:30-12:00, 1:30-5:30.
  • Thursday: 9:30-10:00, 11:00-12:00, 1:30-5:30.
  • Alessandro Italiano
  • Andrea Manzi
  • Andrew David Lahiff
  • Antonio Delgado Peris
  • Antonio Dorta-Lorenzo
  • Bertrand de SAINT-JEAN
  • Brian Paul Bockelman
  • Brij Jashal
  • Brij Kishor Jashal
  • Bruno Ledoux
  • Carlos Acosta Silva
  • Chris Brew
  • Christoph Beyer
  • Dennis van Dok
  • Doina Cristina Aiftimiei
  • Farrukh Khan
  • Federico Melaccio
  • Francesco Prelz
  • Frank Olaf Berghaus
  • Frederic Schaer
  • Gregor Thain
  • Helge Meinhard
  • Ian Loader
  • Ian Peter Collier
  • Jadir Marra da Silva
  • Janos Daniel Pek
  • Jerome Belleman
  • Johannes Calitz
  • Jose Flix Molina
  • Juan Manuel Guijarro
  • Justas Balcas
  • Khaled Mashfiq
  • Luigi Piemontese
  • Lukasz Kreczko
  • Marc Rodriguez
  • Marian Babik
  • Mario Diaz-Laguardia
  • Mauro Arcorace
  • Michel Jouvin
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Salvador Cavadini
  • Sang Un Ahn
  • Sophie Catherine Ferry
  • Stefano Dal Pra
  • Thomas HENROT
  • Tim Bell
  • Todd Tannenbaum
  • Ulrich Schwickerath
  • Vincent Brillault