Event Description

AUEB, CERN, IASA, NCUA, NCSR Demokritos and NTUA together with the HEPTech Network, are organising an Academia-Industry Matching event on Technology of Controls for Accelerators and Detectors.

This event aims to bring together Academia and Industry to share ideas and potential applications in Technology of Controls. It will facilitate information exchange, address some of the challenges faced by future HEP projects in the controls area and examine new solutions.
Topics to be addressed: 
  • Control systems for accelerators
  • Detector Control Systems
  • Control Systems for Beam Instrumentation & RF
  • Technology of Controls for Innovative Applications in Medicine & Biology
  • Control Systems for Future Projects

Dates: from 2 December 2013 to 3 December 2013

Venue: National Center of Scientific Research NCSR DEMOKRITOS, Ag.Paraskevi, Athens Greece

Organizing Committee: Evangelos Gazis, Co-Chair NTUA
  Eugenia Hatziangeli, Co-Chair CERN
  Jean-Marie Le Goff, Co-Chair CERN
  Nicholas Ziogas, Co- Chair CERN
  Michele Barone DEMOKRITOS
  Anastasios Charitonidis NTUA
  Antonio Gomes de Valladares Pachece CERN
  Hermann Schmickler CERN
  Georgia Skoulaki NTUA
Special contributors: Theodoros Alexopoulos NTUA
  Giovanni Anelli CERN
  Theodoros Apostolopoulos AUEB
  Stephan Aune CEA
  Sotiris Harissopoulos DEMOKRITOS
  Venetios Polychronakos BNL
  Katerina Pramatari AUEB
  Dorothee-Maria Ruck GSI
  Eustathios Stiliaris UoA
  Ian Tracey STFC