Information passing tools from VO to Site admins

28-R-006 (CERN)




Since the VOM(R)S Workshop of 22-26/10/2007
meetings take place regularly between CIC, VO Configurator, and yaim developers
to make sure that VO-ID information is used promptly by the sites
to re-configure the VOs they support.

This check-point meeting will analyse:

  1. Report from the ROC (Kai), CIC (Cyril & Gilles) and VO Config (Dimitar) at Sofia on 2008-01-22.
  2. Use cases (Cal, Gilles and all)
  3. VO-ID to site config. flow (Gergo, Maarten and all)
  4. Non-yaim sites (Rolf, Maarten)
  5. possible SAM tests' developmenet that will check the site configuration version versus the last VO-ID update date (Piotr and all)
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