Information passing tools from VO to Site admins (follow-up)

28-R--006 (CERN)



The relevant meeting of 2008-01-31 could not conclude on new config. files' structure and possible SAM tests, due to absences. This is the 2nd, possibly last, try.

Meeting in CERN room 28-R-006 and via conference call.
Starting Time: Feb 25, 2008 at 10:00 AM, Europe/Zurich
Duration: 1:30

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  1. VO-ID to site config. flow. Development plan. Documentation needs. (Gergo, Maarten and all)
  2. Non-yaim sites. Any actions? If yes, are they clear? Should we write them? (Rolf, Maarten)
  3. Possible SAM tests' developmenet that will check the site configuration version versus the last VO-ID update date (Piotr and all)
  4. AOB
The agenda of this meeting is empty