Apr 14 – 16, 2008
Residencia CSIC-Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone
The meeting aims to provide an overview of the results obtained with p-type and 3D sensors and to consider these results in the light of the most demanding requirements at future detectors (both pixels and micro-strips). The organisers think it is important that colleagues from the 3D, pixel (planar and 3D) and microstrip communities meet to present state of the art developments in sensors and connectivity and have time to discuss these. This need emerged, for example, during the last 2007 ATLAS upgrade workshop in Valencia, where the density of the programme limited the time available for discussion. </cr></cr>As part of the Barcelona meeting, it is our intention to present to potential users a 40MHz read-out data acquisition system based around the Beetle analogue chip, the ALIBAVA system
Residencia CSIC-Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Residencia de Investigadores del CSIC-Generalitat de Catalunya Carrer Hospital, 64. E08001, Barcelona, Spain