5-7 May 2014
University of Pittsburgh
US/Eastern timezone

Electroweak Effective Operators and Higgs Physics

5 May 2014, 18:00
Benedum Hall G28 (University of Pittsburgh)

Benedum Hall G28

University of Pittsburgh


Chien-Yi Chen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)


We derive bounds from oblique parameters on the dimension-$6$ operators of an effective field theory of electroweak gauge bosons and the Higgs doublet. The loop- induced contributions to the $\Delta S$, $\Delta T$, and $\Delta U$ oblique parameters are sensitive to these contributions and we pay particular attention to the role of renormalization when computing loop corrections in the effective theory. Limits on the coefficients of the effective theory from loop contributions to oblique parameters yield complementary information to direct Higgs production measurements.

Primary authors

Cen Zhang (CP3 Université catholique de Louvain) Chien-Yi Chen (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Sally Dawson (BNL)

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