Apr 3 – 4, 2014
Europe/Zurich timezone
Current HEP software is the result of 20 years of development and now must evolve to meet the challenges posed by new experimental programmes, including future upgrades of the LHC. In addition, the computing landscape is evolving rapidly and we need to exploit all the expertise available in our community, and in other scientific disciplines, in order to meet the technical challenges we are facing. During the last 2 years, a Concurrency Forum has been meeting to promote discussions within the HEP community regarding various independent R&D efforts. Formalising this activity into a Collaboration would be a natural next step to eventually transform the R&D efforts into joint projects to build software libraries of general interest. A formal Collaboration would also provide a framework for attracting effort and external funding, as well as providing a structure for the community to set priorities and goals for the work. This should be a HEP community-wide effort, but should be open enough that eventually it could form the basis for collaboration with other sciences. The short note attached describes some of the thinking behind this initiative. The current agenda is still very preliminary. VIDEO CONFERENCE: see under "Video Services" Vidyo public room ongoing until Fri 4/Apr at 18:00 : HEP_Software_Collaboration_meeting Extension 9297652
503/1-001 - Council Chamber
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