Sep 22 – 26, 2014
Centre des Congrès - Aix en Provence, France
Europe/Zurich timezone


Submission extended deadline November 15th.

Proceedings of TWEPP-14, covering oral contributions and posters, will be published in the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST) Proceedings Section. This will offer us a fast, peer-reviewed of the proceedings with easy referencing possibility.

Instructions to authors
JINST has prepared instructions for authors as well as article templates for LaTeX and Microsoft Word. It is reminded that the size of the article should not exceed eight (8) pages, excluding the title page and the table of content.  The use of the JINST publication format is mandatory.  Attempts to modify the format will result in rejected submissions.

Copyright of contributions is assigned to the Institute of Physics Publishing from the date at which the contributions are accepted for publication. The main features of the copyright transfer are:

  • authors transfer the worldwide copyright of their work to the Institute of Physics Publishing;
  • authors automatically retain rights for the future use of their own work;
  • authors who may not own the copyright (e.g. authors in industrial companies or government research establishments) are asked to state this explicitly;
  • in the case of multi-author papers, only one author needs to sign the form but he or she should have obtained the written consent of all the other authors beforehand.

The copyright form is available here. If you cannot assign copyright to JINST an agreement giving License to Publish will be required instead. Please consult if the standard form is not appropriate for your circumstances.   

How and when to submit
Contributions must be submitted to JINST before November 1st - extended to November 15th.
When your contribution is ready for submission, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect to and register.
  2. In the “Submit” section of the page select the link “submit a proceedings contribution”
  3. Select the Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics 2014 - TWEPP14 conference from the list
  4. Follow the stepbystep procedure for submission, referring to the instructions available in the section “For Authors” at the top of the JINST home page

For any further information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact

Peer review
As for all JINST publications, your contribution will be peer reviewed before being approved for publication. The review will be organised by the TWEPP scientific committee. In order to have all papers published in a reasonable time, it is very important to stick to the submission deadline date (November 1st) - extended to November 15th. The review committee reserves the right to reject publications submitted after the deadline.

Proceedings of TWEPP-13 are available here