May 22 – 28, 2011
Centre Bonlieu
Europe/Zurich timezone

Finite lifetime effects on the photon production from a quark-gluon plasma

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Théâtre National (Centre Bonlieu)

Théâtre National

Centre Bonlieu

Board: 101
Poster Electromagnetic probes


Frank Michler (University of Frankfurt)


Direct photons play an important role as electromagnetic probes from a quark-gluon plasma (QGP) created in heavy-ion collisions. After being once produced, they leave the medium undisturbed an thus provide direct insight into the early stage of the collision. We use the real time Keldysh formalism to investigate how non-equilibrium effects such as a finite lifetime modify the resulting photon spectra. We provide an ansatz which eliminates the divergent contribution from the vacuum polarization and renders the photon spectrum UV-finite if the time evolution of the QGP is described in a suitable manner.

Primary author

Frank Michler (University of Frankfurt)


Dr Björn Schenke (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Prof. Carsten Greiner (University of Frankfurt)

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