May 22 – 28, 2011
Centre Bonlieu
Europe/Zurich timezone

Mach Cones and Two-Particle Correlations: The Origins in a Kinetic Transport Approach

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Théâtre National (Centre Bonlieu)

Théâtre National

Centre Bonlieu

Board: 18
Poster Global and collective dynamics


Ioannis Bouras (University of Frankfurt)


In a microscopic transport model we investigate evolution of conical structures using different source terms. Development of a strong collective behavior near the ideal hydro limit is visible, resulting in formation of Mach Cones. In addition, for the first time the transition from ideal to viscous Mach Cones is demonstrated. We investigate dependence of the Mach Cone angle in different scenarios of energy depositions into the medium. The numerical results on two-particle correlations are compared to an analytical approximation. In our simulations we find that a double-peak structure, as observed in experiments at RHIC, cannot be explained/created by propagation of a high-energy jet.

Primary author

Ioannis Bouras (University of Frankfurt)


Mr Andrej El (University of Frankfurt) Prof. Carsten Greiner (University of Frankfurt) Mr Felix Reining (University of Frankfurt) Mr Francesco Lauciello (University of Frankfurt) Dr Harri Niemi (FIAS Frankfurt) Mr Oliver Fochler (University of Frankfurt) Dr Zhe Xu (FIAS Frankfurt)

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