Mar 2 – 6, 2015
America/Santiago timezone

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The Federico Santa María University is in Valparaíso, in just an hour and a half northwest of Santiago.
Near to Viña del Mar, the 'Garden City', is one of Chile's premier beach resorts, with excellent hotels and shopping. While Valparaiso has a historic charm, immortalized in the words of Pablo Neruda, is one of South America's most charismatic and historic ports, with its charming ascensores (funicular railways) and colorful hillside constructions.

About Chile

Please check this web page of the National Tourism Service of Chile with full information about our country in many languages:

Getting to Viña del Mar - Valparaíso

The Viña del Mar - Valparaiso urban area is located about 100 km (60 miles) from the International Airport of Santiago. The trip takes about 90 minutes.
There are several alternative ways to get to your Hotel in Viña del Mar:

Bus (from the airport to the Santiago bus station ) + Bus (from the Santiago bus station to Viña del Mar) + local taxi:
Take the airport bus towards Santiago. The bus stops right outside the airport building (there are two companies: "Centropuerto" is a light blue bus, and "TurBus" is a light green bus, the ticket is paid at the bus, about $ 2.500 CLP); get off the bus at the first stop (about 15-20 min drive), called "Pajaritos" (sounds: Paharitos; ask the driver to drop you there).
Pajaritos is a small bus and subway station. The bus station to Viña or Valparaíso is on the other side of the subway station from where you got off the airport bus. The shuttle from Santiago to Viña or Valparaiso works from 7.00 am to 10.30 pm. During this hours you can buy a bus ticket at the corresponding ticket office (the best companies are Tur Bus and Pullman Bus). The seats are numbered, so you must purchase the ticket at the office. Buses run every 10-15 minutes but you may have to wait up 30 minutes for your bus, depending on the rush hours. This ticket is about $ 4500 CLP (~ 8 USD).
The trip from Pajaritos to Viña takes about 90 minutes. The Bus Terminal in Viña del Mar is near downtown, and about 1 km from Hotel San Martin. You should take a taxi from the Bus Terminal to your hotel (the price should be below $ 5.000 CLP). If you arrive in Valparaíso, the bus station is in the downtown.

The details for this type of travel will be given the previous days for the conference. Total cost is about US$ 45 per person in a shared autobus, for people traveling alone US$ 120. This item depends of the arrive and departure hour of the participants.
Airport transfer should be arranged and confirmed with conference assistant David Vidal.

There is  a taxi service from the airport, called "Taxioficial"*, round-the-clock. The price is $ 89.000 CLP per taxi to Viña (~ 180 USD); the taxi can carry up to 3 persons with luggage.  Web page: -  Tel. (+56-2)-6019880.

*If you decide to take a taxi of a private taxi driver, you should try to negotiate the price.



Viña del Mar



Recommended in Viña del Mar:

· Hotel San Martín
Address: Avenida San Martín 667, Viña del Mar        
Tel. +56 (32) 268-9191
Fax +56 (32) 268-9195

(*) Requests received before January 31, 2015, will apply the
following discounted rate for early bookings:

Room Rate:
Twin Room with city view: $ 65.300 + TAX 
Double Room with Sea view: $ 72.500 + TAX

Room Rate:
Twin Room with city view : USD $111.00
Double Room with Sea view : USD $123.00

People interested in reserves please fill up this form and send it to Carla Vasquez ( 
*This form may say that no special price will be offered for march, but this issue has been already dealt with the hotel, allowing this special fee for us. 
 Hotel San Martin does not have more rooms available.

· Hotel 3 Poniente
Addres: 3 Poniente 70, Viña del Mar
Tel. +56 (32) 2478576

(*) In the Hotel 3 Poniente we have special prices:
Single for 1 person: 34.000 CLP (Chilean pesos) + TAX
Single for 2 people: 41.000 CLP + TAX
Double for 2 people: 47.000 CLP + TAX
To make a reservation you should email ( explaining the type of reservation you'd like, and that you will be attending the QNP Conference at UTFSM.
 3 Poniente Hotel does not have more rooms available   


· Hostel Offenbacher
Addres: Balmaceda 120, Cerro Castillo, Viña del Mar
Tel. +56 (32)

To make a reservation you should click here an make an online reservation explaining the type of room you'd like, and that you will be attending the QNP2015 Conference at UTFSM. 

If you choose this place you must consider that is located in a hill and that you should walk in order to take local transportation.

(*) Special prices:

2015 High Season
  16/12 -15/03
Single Standard 51 USD
Single Superior 73 USD
Twin Standard 63 USD
Matrimonial Standard 63 USD
Twin Superior 84 USD
Matrimonial Superior 84 USD
Triple 88 USD
Extra person 11 USD

Offenbacher Hostel does not have more rooms available   


· Hotel Florencia
Address: 1 Poniente 263, Viña del Mar

To make a reservation you should email explaining the type of reservation you'd like, and that you will be attending the QNP Conference at UTFSM. (the electronic address is not working anymore).

(*) Special price:
Single : 18.000 CLP 
Double: 28.000 CLP 


· Hotel Rondo
Address: 1 Norte 157, Viña del Mar 
Tel: +56 (32) 2479611
Fax: +56 (32) 2687233

Bookings at:

Room Rate:
Single: 37.815 CLP + TAX
Double: 46.220 CLP + TAX
Triple: 52.100 CLP + TAX

(*) In the Hotel Rondo we have a 10% discount over this prices


· Hotel Agora
Address: 5 1/2 Poniente 253, Viña del Mar
Tel: +56 (32) 2694696
Bookings at:

Room Rate:
Single: 43.700 CLP + TAX
Double: 49.580 CLP + TAX



· Hotel Gala
Address: Arlegui 273, Viña del Mar, Chile
Tel. +56 (32) 2321500
Fax: +56 (32) 2689568 

(*) In the Hotel Gala we have special prices:

Room Rate:
Single: $ 60.756 + TAX 
Double: $ 71.008 + TAX 
Room Rate:
Single: USD $131.00
Double: USD $161.00

To make a reservation send this form to Jovanna Apablaza:

· Hotel Best Western Marina del Rey 
Addess: Ecuador 299, Viña del Mar
Tel. +56 (32) 2383000
Fax: +56 (32) 2383001 

(*) In theHotel Best Western Marina del Rey  we have special prices paying only in dollars:

Room Rate:
Single: 135 USD
Double: 135 USD

Recommended in Valparaíso:

· Hotel Ibis 
Address: Avenida Errazuriz 811, Valparaíso
Tel. +56 (32) 2340000
Fax: +56 (32) 2340000

Single for 1 person: 32.000 CLP + TAX (Chilean pesos)
Single for 2 people: 36.800 CLP + TAX
Breakfest: 3.900 CLP

*Please keep in mind:

That if you don't say that the reservation is for the UTFSM Conference, the special prices will not be respected.

For not paying national taxes you should:
1. Pay in Dollars
2. Present Passport or Identity Card certifying that you're are resident of your home country
3. Show in the immigration card given by International Police that you are in a tourism trip (not business).

For help making reservations or questions contact Carla Vásquez ( or David Vidal (