22-26 September 2008
Harbiye Askeri Museum
Europe/Zurich timezone


Application Porting and User Support

25 Sep 2008, 17:30
Harbiye Askeri Museum

Harbiye Askeri Museum



A new feature of the third phase of the EGEE project is the NA4 Applications Porting Group to help users enable applications on the grid. Experts from the porting team work closely with application owners to understand their requirements and to identify suitable approaches, tools for the porting process and to set realistic and feasible porting scenarios. Intensive workshops and personalized training events organized by the team ensure that application owners become expert on porting tools that are relevant for them and can quickly and efficiently perform the porting process with the help of the porting team.

The session will include presentations from porting team members to show the latest tools, applications and techniques they have worked with. The second half of the session will feature discussions about current problems and issues related to application porting and developer support.

The session is useful for those who wish to port new applications to the EGEE grid, and/or would like to learn about environments, tools, services that are offered for end users and grid application developers by the EGEE community.

The webpage of the EGEE application porting team is available at www.lpds.sztaki.hu/gasuc. Here you can find further information about current applications, past success stories and how to apply for assistance.

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Gergely Sipos (Mr.)
25/09/2008, 18:50
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