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22-27 March 2015
Hotel do Bosque
Brazil/East timezone

Thermodynamics of an exactly solvable confining quark model

26 Mar 2015, 11:00
Hotel do Bosque

Hotel do Bosque

Rodovia Mário Covas (Rio-Santos) BR - 101 Sul, Km 533, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brazil
Oral presentation Field theoretical approaches to QCD Field theoretical approaches to QCD


Prof. Bruno Mintz (UERJ)


The grand partition function of a model of confined quarks is exactly calculated at arbitrary temperatures and quark chemical potentials. The model is inspired by a softly BRST-broken version of QCD and possesses a quark mass function compatible with nonperturbative analyses of lattice simulations and Dyson-Schwinger equations. Even though the model is defined at tree level, we show that it produces a non-trivial and stable thermodynamic behaviour at any temperature or chemical potential. Results for the pressure, the entropy and the trace anomaly as a function of the temperature are qualitatively compatible with the effect of non-perturbative interactions as observed in lattice simulations. The finite density thermodynamics is also shown to contain non-trivial features, being far away from an ideal gas picture.

Primary authors

Prof. Bruno Mintz (UERJ) Dr Leticia Palhares (CEA/Saclay) Prof. Marcelo Guimarães (UERJ)

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