SUGAR 2015, Geneva

Elisa Prandini (ISDC, Switzerland), Martine Logossou (University of geneva), Simona Toscano (ISDC, Switzerland)

The goal of the workshop is to provide an updated view on the long-standing enigma of the origin of galactic cosmic rays. In particular, high-energy gamma rays are expected to be emitted by Galactic accelerators of hadronic cosmic rays. Observations of many different types of sources at the highest energies are essential to understand the nature and the total power output of these accelerators.

This is the second edition of a workshop held in Paris in December 2012 on the same subject. For this edition, the workshop will include both invited and contributed talks, together with contributed posters. Proceedings will be published and instructions can be found here

Conference picture
  • Alberto Oliva
  • Amanda Weinstein
  • Andrea De Franco
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Andrey Turundaevskiy
  • Andrii Neronov
  • Carmelo Evoli
  • Charles Dermer
  • Christine Sutton
  • Elisa Prandini
  • Emma de Ona Wilhelmi
  • Francesca Giovacchini
  • Giovanna Pedaletti
  • Gwenael Giacinti
  • Ievgen Vovk
  • Ignasi Reichardt
  • Isabelle Grenier
  • Jason Watson
  • Juan Antonio Aguilar Sanchez
  • Julia Tjus
  • Lucia Ambrogi
  • Luis Del Peral
  • Manuela Vecchi
  • Marco Casolino
  • Maria Chernyakova
  • Maria D Rodriguez Frias
  • Marion Habiby Alaoui
  • Marta D'Angelo
  • Martina Cardillo
  • Martine Logossou
  • Matteo Balbo
  • Mohamed Rameez
  • Paolo Desiati
  • Pasquale Blasi
  • Petra Huentemeyer
  • Pierre Saouter
  • Roland Walter
  • Ryan Chaves
  • Sarah Recchia
  • Segev BenZvi
  • Serap Tilav
  • Simona Toscano
  • Stanislav Stefanik
  • Stefania Vitillo
  • Stefano Gabici
  • Teresa Montaruli
  • Terri Brandt
  • Timur Delahaye
  • Tobias Jogler
  • Vladimir Novotny